Cannonball Run: Hitchhiking Race from Hualien to Taitung, Saturday July 9th, 2011!

The Cannonball Run!

The fourth annual hitchhiking race from Hualien to Taitung. Saturday July 9th, 2011!

Groups of two will thumb their way to Taitung in a day long scavenger hunt from Nan Bing Park in Hualien to Kasa Pub in Taitung along Highway 11, completing a series of tasks that will test your will and toy with your sanity! Photographic evidence of all completed tasks a must and will be scrutinized by judges at the end of the race. Strong possibility of body mutilation and nudity.

Informal dinner and drinking at The Sugar Factory in Dulan to follow as we all share our stories from what is sure to be one of the highlights of your summer. There is no application fee. Accomodations, travel arrangements and other logistics are up to the participants coming in from out of town. This lo-fi event is in the true spirit of Hualien. This is about independence, courage, glory and… above all, balls. Show up and take a crack at a Hualien tradition. There is a trophy for the winner. It’s big and sort of heavy. Last year’s winners must carry the trophy on their trip this year. That should slow them down.

If you require more information you can visit the Facebook page:

Or you can PM me. I’m one of the organizers.

Here is a transcript of last year’s rules. Please, if you offend easily, this event is really not for you. Everyone else, get down here!:

1.One ride in an unorthodox vehicle (eg. anything other than a car, standard truck or motorcycle.)
2. Carry one egg (egg will be stamped to ensure it’s the same egg)
3. Fish or buy a live shrimp. Keep shrimp alive until the finish.
4. Leave a religious offering at Rob’s shack in Jichi. Nothing organic.
5. Full moon at bashian Caves.
6. A photo with a uniformed police officer.
7. Talk your way into a kitchen.
8. “Make out on the red bridge”
9. “Cock and Balls” at the tropic of cancer.
0. Feed a Donghe Baozhe to an animal.
11. A haircut in Chenggong"
12. Photo of the ugliest betel nut lady you can find. (all people in the photo must be chewing the nut.)
13. Chug a beer under the Danman sign (note: There is no where to buy beer in Danman. Be prepared)
14. A racy photo of a participant and a marble sculpture.
15. Skinny dip anywhere

Edit: 2011, not 2001. Oops.


Saturday July 9th.

Starting point: Nan Bing Park in Hualien.
Time: 9:00am SHARP!

End point: Kasa Pub in Taitung.
Time: As fast as possible.

…sounds like a normal afternoons’ run-a-bout for Almas John & meself…:idunno:

(except for that #8 thingy)

The 4th Annual Cannonball Run - Objectives

Note: All objectives must be proven via photographic evidence. Please remember to bring a camera. Some objectives are literal, others are interpretive. It’s up to you how to interpret the rules. Interpretation will be peer judged over beers at the sugar factory in Dulan. Failure to complete an objective will result in a fifteen minute (15 minute) penalty added to your total time.

Start time is Saturday, July 9th, 9:00am sharp at Nan Bing Night Market in Hualien. The finish line is The Sugar Factory in Dulan.


  1. One ride in an unorthodox vehicle (e.g. anything other than a car, standard truck or motorcycle)
  2. A photo with a uniformed Police Officer
  3. A photo with the ugliest possible betel nut seller. All people in photo must be chewing the nut.
  4. Chug a Beer at Danman (have one ready, there is nowhere to buy beer in Danman)
  5. Full moon at Ocean Park
  6. Worship at a church/temple/land god temple/mosque/synagogue
  7. Have a car run over a Baozhe in Donghe
  8. Haircut in a salon in Fongbin
  9. Leave undergarments on the marble sculpture named “Endless Love” at the Shitiping Rest Stop.
  10. Skinny dip anywhere
  11. Collect a bag of litter
  12. Get an elderly person to sit on your lap.
  13. Convince a driver to let you drive
  14. “Full Frontal”
  15. Kiss a stranger
  16. Drink with an aboriginal stranger
  17. Give a non-participating foreigner the finger
  18. Draw a body chalk outline of a team member on the highway at the Tropic of Cancer.
  19. Karaoke in Chenggong
  20. Leave a pair of shoes on the Red Bridge (toes south, on the double yellow center line)
  21. Photograph a clock in the Dulan Sugar factory when you arrive to verify your arrival time.

Bonus: Take a photo of any other team on the side of the road will result in subtracting 5 minutes from your time.

Finally: The Cannonball Run is not The World Cup or the Tri-Nations or the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There is no money involved. There is no instant replay. There is no review board or lycra shorts and oiled skin is not recommended (for male participants, anyway…). The rules are unapologetic and stupid. That’s the point. Taking offense is out of the question. This is about fun. Anyone taking this too seriously is liable to get a second (closer) haircut in Dulan.

Hit the Road!