Car drivers seeking scooter license must take written test from May 3


They could start by compelling the manufacturers to fit speed governors.

And a lot more speed cameras (Yes, I hear the screams about revenue raising, but a few expensive tickets, and take the license away from those who clock up a few in a given time span will wake a few idiots up).

Every day and night I see and hear scooters blasting along with no respect for the speed limit, or any unsuspecting pedestrian that steps out with what they think is a safe distance to cross the road.

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More weird stuff they can make up.
And I don’t think that a written exam is going to bring accidents down, only enforcing the law and steep fines will do that.


They try to do everything to fix the problem other than enforce existing laws longer than a week.


And it still is multiple choice in what Taiwanese are good at as they are drilled in this.

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You probably get a second choice if your first one is wrong.

Taiwanese who speed put weird stickers on their license plate so cameras won’t pick up on it. Cops should be pulling people over for this.

In Australia, that’s called defacing a number/licence plate, and carries heavy penalties - probably more severe than the speeding ticket.

And they change the angle of their plate too.

That’s the point. They need to pull people over for this. They do it in such a way that it’s hard to tell at first glance but as soon as you shine a light on it you can tell. They put reflective stickers around the number so you are not technically covering the number but it messes with cameras.

I wonder if they will change it from the written test for cars? Those tests ask questions taken from the entire stretch of regulations- if you’re taking the test for a car, you get questions asking you what distance a semi driver has to put out warning cones if he has a breakdown.

Insert anything you like…They ain’t doing shit here.

So dumb.
I cannot fathom how stupid some people are at the top of these organizations.

Where can one buy this?
Err… for educational reasons

Yeah that’s it

Look for those scooter shops that sell aftermarket parts…

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Do they work on IR cameras?

I saw a licence plate cover online once that has IR diodes that blinds an IR camera by over exposing the lens to IR light. As I know, the only IR cameras in taiwan I saw were automatic licence plate readers . Are there IR speed cameras now?

There was even a traditional one that worked by responding to the light from a camera flash and flashing the camera back causing overexposure but some users said the modern cameras can clean that up and still get a plate number. It worked on the old gatso style systems

In Europe, you can’t see the flash anymore and don’t know you’re caught on camera.

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I’ve registered to do the scooter test after a couple of decades of procrastination . :grin:
This gave me the kick up the arse to do it before it gets more difficult.

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If I fail the test, can I try again?
Applicants who fail a driver’s license test (scoring less than 85 points on the written test, or 70 points on the road test) should wait at least seven days then re-take the test. For example, if you failed a test on Friday, you may try again the next Friday, or later.


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