Carnegie's - the "chat" thread

JFYI, Carnegies has put its drinks list and menus online, and has a discussion forum, events list and bar photos, etc. :wink:

See you’re trying for a free beer, Monkey, but there’s a big problem – wouldn’t you have to actually go there in order to get your drink? Hardly worth it, is it. Carnegies has to be one of the saddest, most desperate places I’ve ever seen. The photos on their website say it all.

Stop yer moaning man, a beer’s a beer! But has anyone tried the grub there yet? … particulary the “British Favourites” – the fish & chips and all-day brekkie?

Seems to be a lot of people having fun there. Maybe you are too old Sandman !

I quite like it during the weekend. Good music (matches my taste) and usually a good mooded crowd. Haven’t eaten there though.

I gotta side with sandman on this one, and I can’t resist chiming in. I find that place excrutiating. I won’t go into full slag mode here as I think I would draw a lot of flak for being such a snob, but I’m getting shivers down my spine just thinking about the last time I was there. Though I remember liking my fish and chips.

I would hardly use the arguement that one could be ‘too old’ for Carnegies. From my experience it seems that being an old sad white foreigner hoping to hook up with local women is one of the entry requirements.

Yeah, and I would argue that not all the “local women” are women but ******* instead. Typical stereotyping which hardly makes an argument.

Yeah, and I would argue that not all the “local women” are women but ******* instead. Typical stereotyping which hardly makes an argument.[/quote]

Which is why he prefaced with the disclaimer “from my experience” and “it seems.”

But I take issue with AWOL’s opinion that being old sad and white is an entry requirement. Its not, but being one will ensure that you fit in with a sizeable majority of the crowd.

Right, I’ll take my tongue out of my cheek now before anyone else thinks I seriously give a toss about the clientele of some crappy bar. :wink:

How old do you have to be to be classed as an old foreigner? When exactly do you become a “sad old white foreigner”? Can you be a happy old brownish foreigner? :laughing:

What’s with all the negativity? I’ve been to Carnegie’s maybe half a dozen times. I’ve had a really good time there at least three of those times, but that’s probably because I was with a bunch of good friends. I think almost every time we went there, it was as couples, and we didn’t really pay too much attention to what everybody else was doing. The only time I’ve been unamused with the place is when we started focusing on what the other customers were doing. But then again, if memory serves me correctly, I’d get the same vibes from going to other drink 'n dance joints, wathcing the customers there.

The music at Carnegie’s is mainstream stuff, a lot of which was am radio fodder when I was in high school. Not exactly favourite stuff, but still familiar, which is not always bad.

Carnegie’s best feature, in my view, is their outdoor patio, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Anhe Road has to be one of the nicest streets to sit outside on, and I don’t remember being offended by the food at all, and I am pretty sensitive to bad food.

As far as the old geezer bit, well, how many good dance places are there for the over 30 crowd? In the mid 90’s, wehen I first came to Taipei I went to Spin, then to Sex a GoGo and Kiss Disco, later Opium Den and Room 18. There’s no way I can go back to Spin now, and frankly, even though I’m not ancient, at 36 I don’t really want to be hanging out with kids exclusively. And although I still feel comfortable at 2nd Floor or Room 18, many of my friends - married and some with kids - do not. So relax a little, don’t worry so much about what other people are doing. So some fat old geezer is dancing on the bar. He’s probably having a good time. Hope I’m still having a good time when I’m 50.

(And Sandman, 50 isn’t that far off for some of us! :wink: )

Oooooh! Below the belt! That hurt! :blush:

I can sum up the reason why Carnegie’s sucks in just 8 words:

They played a medley of songs from Grease.

the thought of it still sends waves of nausea throughout me.

Oh…and there was my friend who was there, who saw a white girl turned away from the door, because she was “a fat cow”.

nice people, aren’t they.


I’ve never seen so many creepy lookin’ foreign middle aged men in one spot trying to score with Asian chicks.

i don’t mind the music there. nothing wrong with cheesy music. i don’t even mind that it’s a meat market. lots of places in taiwan are meat markets. what creeps me out about the place is how aggressive the men there are. i’ve seen so many men just walk around groping random women until they find one that doesn’t mind. you know the sign in roxy that says “please don’t touch women in a sexual way”? they need one of those at carnegies.

I find that over analysing somewhere like Carnegie’s is bit like trying to understand what makes a joke funny. The component parts may seem bland or even distasteful but the package can make you laugh if you are in the right mood (& have a sense of humour).

Why do middle-aged western guys go there to pick up chicks? Same reason a dog licks its balls… because it can. I have only been there 2 or 3 times but have seen middle-aged blokes successfully pick up each time & also young westerners & also sorts of Taiwanese guys succeed too. Hence it presumably fulfills a need for both sexes.

If you go in the right frame of mind with a bunch of friends it can be fun to watch the pick-up attemps , the crap dancing etc. & also watch the “audience” (ie those not picking up or dancing) too who look on with a mixture of interest/boredom/disdain.

I wouldn’t go regularly though as it is a bit like McDonald’s in that when you walk through the door , you know exactly what you are going to get.

Sorry, we can’t let this thread die. I still got bitchin’ to do and I almost got enough to buy my avatar, BACK!

I’m always amazed at stories I am told about people being treated like shit at these places and they continue to go back. Not just Carnegie’s I’ve heard a slew of stories about Room 18 and other such over-priced scams.
They charge you a fortune to get in, you gotta wait in line, the service sucks, and the people are horrendous. I think some people just like to be shat on. Or the attitude is, ‘Hey thery’re shitting on us. This must be a great place. We’ll try again next week.’ There is no other explantion.

Don’t they charge people money to go into Carnegies’s now? And they do at Roxy 99, as well. That’s friggin hilarious. Can anyone imagine paying money to step into that place, anywhere other than Taiwan?

Uh-oh, I’m letting the snob out of the bag.

Carnegie’s charges you NT$500 on weekends, on drink included. Rozy99 charges NT$300 and you can exchange a NT$200 voucher for drinks or food, i.e. if the drink costs 250 you just top up by 50.
If it’s less it’s your loss of course but if you go with a friend(s) use one voucher only to order two drinks and keep on drinking until all the vouchers are gone. :mrgreen:

Won’t happen to me (going back when treated badly). However the fact that people are willing to pay to get in will certainly not make them change their current “business model”.

Malaysia. Not imagining, it’s a fact. :?

Small correction edited

Yeah Carnegies

Greasy fat married middle aged engineers and sleazy short trip buyer business types falling dancing pissed on the bar to Grease and Abba…

I mean I’m still in my 20s but I DONT want to end up like that.


Still I’ve gone there a couple of times with friends and have danced on the bar myself but have given it a miss for a longtime now…

The prices are pretty steep too.

A male friend of mine heard about the free champagne given to the ladies on Wednesdays and decided to try and get in on the action. He packed a duffel with some gal threads, got in the door, headed to the little boys room to change, and walked out, all 6’4 of him, in a skirt, camisole, stuffed bra, and lipstick. Not only did he get all the free champagne he wanted, but he also got the attention of ladies. They were all over his cross-dressing a$$. Funny stuff, good times. Never been back though.