Carnegie's the "chat" thread

Not if you have an over and under with both barrels set on open choke.
But the Scottish grouse may be a bit different from the N.A. variety, which eats seeds, moves in flocks and can be easily snuck upon, especially in windy weather.[/quote]
We’re talking a 20-mile day in thigh-deep heather, in a gale and driving rain, with a bearer carrying your matched pair of antique Purdey side-by-side hammerlocks. :wink:

Apparently I was here last night. Did you see me or did I see you?

I’m the handsome foreigner without a beer belly. Should be easy to finds.

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Wait, last night? Wasn’t Wednesday traditionally “Ladies Night”.

Were you unlucky?

Schrodinger’s foreigner. Exists only as a hypothetical wave function until observed.

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I woke up with a woman so I’m counting that as lucky.

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How about your kidneys? Did you know where you were?

I miss Bangkok :frowning:

“A woman” being your wife or gf = very fortunate and lucky.

“A woman” being someone you met last night…unlucky.

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tango woke up = lucky

tango didn’t wake up = unlucky


That sort of depends, doesn’t it?


Honestly though, were you really there last night on “ladies night” ?

Back in the day, wasn’t that the place to be? Long lines outside to get in on a Wednesday.

How was it? Still hopping?


More than mildly surprised that Carnegies is still a thing. Surely the COVID block on travelers must have put the final nail in the coffin?

What happened at Carnegie’s stays at Carnegie’s! Unless you met me and I happen to know your SO. :popcorn:

I thought Carnegie’s was going to close down…

I was only there if I was observed being there.

Otherwise I was there or not.