Carrefour Order Online in English, Free Shipping!

The title says it all.
You can now shop at Carrefour online IN ENGLISH and shipping to your home is free when you buy at least 800NT worth of goods.

You can even search for imported things by country!
This is awesome as not all Carrefour stores carry the same imported goods. Now you can get anything very easily!

There is a link at the top of their site to change the language from Chinese to English.
Very cool.


Cool. Thanks for letting us know.

The website doesn’t seem to have sour cream, though. (Seriously. I haven’t seen it in Danshui for a while, and it wasn’t in Taipei 101 Jason’s either. Costco’s got it in a size that would fill up my fridge.)


Stupid question - do I need a paid membership like Costco?

Get out of your man cave and get some of that Zhong/Yong He smell into your lungs.

No. (aside from registering an account…no)


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No, you do not. You can get extra discounts if you sign up for a membership card, but you don’t need it to shop. All you have to do is provide your email and set up a password for online shopping. It can all be done in English.

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All CitySuper stores and some Wellcome stores sell sour cream in smaller packets. Not a tub or plastic container. It can be pricey though. There is a baking supply store in Banqiao that sells the same packets of sour cream for half the price. I will try to find the website and post it here later.
Here is where they are located:

I have plenty of that in my lungs thank you very much.

Any idea how long delivery takes?

Next day delivery if you order before 4pm.
They also deliver frozen and refrigerated goods.

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If you’re within the trial area of Xinyi, Daan, or Songshan, seems they have a 3 hour delivery!


Thank you for great information. Will they ship to the nearest 7/11 or Family Mart for pickup? I’m not at home much to receive deliveries.

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Delivery clarification:

This is from the FAQ on their site.

  1. If the order is completed and paid for before 16:00, and the items are in stock, delivery will be the next day at the time you choose (9: 00 ~ 14: 00,14: 00 ~ 18: 00, 18: 00 ~ 22: 00). We will give priority to whichever window of time you choose, but you cannot select a specific time. Because of uncontrollable traffic factors, devlivery may be early or delayed. Therefore, we cannot 100% guarantee the arrival time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  2. If the order is completed and paid for after 16:00, and the items are in stock, the items will be delivered after two days. A remote area will arrive between about three to five business days after payment.

  3. Some special items (such as: large appliances, massage chairs, booking goods, manufacturer direct delivery, etc.) will need to be hand delivered. When the order and payment are complete, someone will contact you. The actual arrival date of the goods, according to our notice shall prevail. For details, please refer to the product description page or delivery instructions.

  4. For large appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, air-conditioning, etc.), there may be additional freight and handling fees, depending on the shipping area.

  5. You can exchange the old appliance (excluding disassembly charges). Once the old appliance is collected, we will not accept a return.

  6. If the goods are out of stock or delayed due to seasonal weather, supply, testing quality, vendor supply delay or other factors, the distribution shop service personnel will notify the purchaser by SMS, email or telephone. In case of the above, the goods distribution will not be included in express delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  7. If the consignee information is not complete, the consignee cannot receive the items. In case of typhoons, earthquakes or other natural disasters, festivals blocking the roads, etc., shipping time will be postponed.

They only deliver to your home or you can schedule a store pick up.

If it’s not too big of a hassle to bring on the MRT or bus, could always send it to your office.

Some interesting things on the site. Tickets to amusement parks, hotels, restaurants. Home cleaning services.

A quick look at their site shows that it is an improvement over that pchome disaster.

Has anyone used it?

@ranlee Zhong/yong he? What’s that?

I’m guessing this is Taipei only, FTFF?

Nope, it’s island wide. Pretty much all major cities and even smaller ones too.