Cars in Taiwan Pictures

Ferrari… how big are they ? :slightly_smiling_face:. Pic pic

Asphalt Street Storm Racing! But hey, they are fast and look almost real.


It’s sad that I have lost my enthusiasm for racing / cars . I guess because it’s business also . After moving 3000 plus cars worldwide … the excitement wanes :pensive: now customers want electric cars … to Middle East / Russia / Scandinavia . I can’t keep up :scream:

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That’s pretty amazing

You’re a car mover?

Import from Eu and USA . But Taiwan has too many cars and sales have slowed down in used cars . So I am trying to evolve . Now I can’t cope with new enquiries :scream: on the plus side , I can move to any country . I feel the need for a sea view and a pool :yum:

Just curious, what’s your daily driver?

You imported used cars? I thought it was really difficult doing that.

It is a little complex.

It was a 328 BMW for many years…not too exciting. But 997/997GT3/ Z4 sometimes…changes. Next week 996 Turbo but if it sells I may be on the scooter :sweat_smile:

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You get to drive a lot of cool cars.
I used to have an obsession with bimmers, though the only one i ever owned was ancient- '71 2002ti all tricked out.

Everyday I pass by these second hand car dealers that have loads of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Maserati, Bentley, they look like fleet cars or leasing. Many the same color, model etc. What’s up with that?

Sometimes I pass by this guy that sells collectible cars. He has like some that look like in bad condition and not really collectible to me.

Taiwan has some strange rules regarding Imports. Taiwanese also prefer plastic seats to leather, black interiors ( more practical) and Black or White paintwork. Everyome wants the same Models …eg C300 MB…but white with Pano roof , AMG. lots of extras…and the Production date must match the Model Year blah blah…then they all compete against each other with the same cars…sigh

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Lately I’ve seen quite a few second hand Mustangs and Camaros.

Yes we have supplied a few Mustangs…Yellow or Blue !..Got an order for a new Raptor F150 last week


50K to rent a fast car for a day. Not bad. Achievable.

Me? I want one of this but electric:

Dangerous. Buses and people in SUVs won’t even see you.

Even worse, little old ladies will be able to kick your car over in the pedestrian crosswalk. Your days of fitting into the local population by smacking into the odd pedestrians in crosswalks will be over.

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I am a little old lady already.

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