Catching green iguanas

Apparently there’s a reward for catching them…how long before some people figure out you can breed them for the reward? This is what happened in India when the British paid people to catch cobras. It made it worse as people just bred them.

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Don’t they have any natural predators? I’m surprised they don’t get caught and eaten by stray cats/dogs.

Invasive species

The big ones look pretty big. I’m not sure your average cat or dog would wanna square up with one of those.

Feel like this could be fixed easily with a few marksmen and some hunting rifles…sounds like fun to me.


Well… Big lizards need Big GUNS!

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The reward is vegetables

Funny most people catching are prob farmers,
Do they really need mr. lin’s green onions?

Lizards get all the hot chicks.

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Maybe they’re keeping the stray cat and dog population under control then :slight_smile:


Who released these animals into the wild?

Lots of people who bought them at pet shops, then tired of having to feed the ugly fcuks.


I saw a pretty big lizard in my shop. Didn’t care because you know I’m not afraid of lizards like those giant spiders.

Saw the cat playing around with it until it died. Then it disappeared (presumably it became cat food).

Same with a couple of baby rats too.

Iguana soup time! Delicious!

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Good brain for the evil.

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With so many snakes in this island, some of them arboreal, maybe the small ones do have natural predators.

Also with the invasive pythons the adults too will have a natural prepator.

I have been here two years seen …no snakes, looking and wanting to see them.

As far as I can tell, cats just seem to kill for a laugh. They never actually appear to want to eat anything after they’ve caught it.

Wild cats certainly do. And I’ve had domestic cats that have regularly caught and eaten pigeons. For some reason, they both got really big…

But yes, there is a strong instinct that is not always eliminated by your feeding them every day. They still hunt, for fun, just they’re not that hungry and canned food tastes better.

Turn them into food. That’s what the Aussies did to the rabbits, and what cooks in the US are doing to snakehead fish. Cooked right, I’d eat them. I’ve eaten frog and gator and it can’t be much different.