Caught Shoplifting


To me it seems it is just over, stop worrying…

I never had a legal case here in Taiwan, but I spent 15 years in China.
I got several traffic accidents there, with me being totally innocent in some cases, to being the cause of all in others.
I mean I have been sitting on both side of the table.

In China (and I think the same procedures are going on here), the police station and its officers have a much bigger role in solving matters, and preventing them from going further into the legal system.

After the report, they try to mediate between parties, try to get both parties find a solution, then let both parties make the contract and sign.

Simply said, if parties agree (whatever the solution), the agreement is legally binding, and prevents any of the other parties to seek further legal action in a later stage.
Once signed, it is over!

In your case, you have signed the agreement in the police station, and you paid.
I do think the shop-owner wanted to keep pressure on you, but I can not see what kind of paper she should come up with after your agreement.

Now, as I said, I think your case is just over.
The shop has other things to deal with, the police will not take action for something like this, and you learned your lesson.

Now, take a deep breath, go out, look at the blue sky and start living again!


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Last time I got the call from the manager was on Monday, it’s Sunday now and I haven’t heard from her till now. As I remember, she said she’ll reach out in the next 7 working days and ALSO she asked for my personal ID number said it is necessary for the official settlement contract. I told her the number and I am worried now since I haven’t heard a word from her since. I am getting a feeling they might be cancelling the settlement and maybe going to the prosecution or something…


I don’t see the need for TWO settlement contracts. You have one document in which you agree to pay for some compensation, and that they one denounce you. That’s all what you and they need, unless the document doesn’t say any of those things, in which case they would be screwing you.

I wouldn’t worry about this.


Ok, first of all sorry for being such an annoying paranoid person. :frowning:

She said that other settlement contract was just a simple handwritten one and now the store has to issue an official one. Since she said it’ll take 7 days and now that those 7 days are over and she’s still quiet, I have to ask, should I reach them out by myself? Or should I just do nothing and wait?


I’d just let it go. If they’re not asking for it, I don’t see any reason to offer it.


Usual, working days don’t include Saturday and sunday.


I know how you feel. I got into a car accident about 5 months ago and it was a nightmare dealing with the guy. Long story short, accident was my fault, but insurance and police report said it was his. He had to pay about 80% of my damages and he wasn’t happy about it. He didn’t stop bothering me for a good 2 weeks. I lost a lot of sleep.

I reached out to my friends to keep my mind off of things and focused on work. Just try to keep busy. Whenever you have some free time, think of something or somewhere to go. Eventually, I forgot about the situation.


Thank you for the replies people. I appreciate it so much.

I don’t know if I can say the first contract that I wrote was legally binding. All I wrote was what THEY TOLD ME TO write down in which

  1. I admitted that I stole from the store
  2. I said I am willing to pay 7500 for the settlement

On the bottom I signed, the store manager also signed noting that she received those 7500. There was no single word in the contract about them not taking any further actions or something… :frowning: I’m so scared they haven’t called me yet when they said they would (for the official paper). If assume the working days are Monday through Friday, tomorrow is going to be the last day. If they won’t call me tomorrow should I reach them out myself? Any advice?


I would leave it be. Calling up and asking would just be asking for more trouble.

As the old saying goes, no news is good news.

I totally understand you want some kind of official closure in written or verbal form. However, it doesn’t seem like the store owner really wants to move forward, otherwise, they would’ve contacted you much much earlier.

I know it’s hard, but try to get your mind off of things. Being in the company of friends is usually very helpful. Just don’t be afraid to ask or even share your story with them (if you haven’t).


Thank you Ranlee.
Of course I haven’t told my family and friends about my stupidity, I’m too ashamed. My family would probably disown me and my friends would never talk to me again if they find out about this.

I really wanna let it go and start living a normal anxiety-free life, but I can’t stop thinking that what if I’ll suddenly get a court invitation after couple months, that would be so brutal after I’ve suffered so much, I think I paid the price for my sin, paid the real damage payment and also paid mentally by living in hell for 2 weeks straight. :frowning:


Meia,do yourself a favor and read some of the posts above again.

Specially #35, very informative.
The shop taking your 7.5k is at least shady, they probably know that too, and an important reason for them to just forget you as well.

As I mentioned before, your case is most likely over, and calling them is about the most stupid you can do, it can and will only harm your own interests if you do so.

And if you ever hear from them, don’t do anything before seeing a lawyer, and follow his advice.


Thank you Eric,

Okay, if they won’t call me again I’ll just leave it be. But if they call or even worse I get a court invitation or something like that after sometime I’ll stay updated here. And maybe I should go and see the Legal Aid lawyer just in case to be prepared for the worst case scenario.


One more question. Assume, I go to the Legal Aid lawyer for some advice, but I’m too ashamed to tell this story of mine to anyone in person, I already felt suicidal at the police office earlier burning out of embarrassment. And what if the lawyer gets disgusted by my action and wants me to get punished rather than help (since the Legal Aid lawyer is free)? :sob:



That would be against the principles of Law. Don’t worry, really. She was disgusted and upset, that’s why she treated you like that. But she doesn’t think of this anymore.

If you feel so ashamed, you should do something for the community. For example, there are many people in need of basic things. You could redeem yourself by taking some actions. Do you know when I had my last beer?


Unless you would overcome(I’m not sure this is the word meaning what I intend to say, though) that kind of feelings by yourself, no matter how much we soothe/appease/assure you, you maybe cannot stop worrying.

If you have a difficulty to deal with this situation by yourself, it would be better to seek some professional support on your mental side as well a legal side. As in @Throwaway’s post.


meia, did you feel ashamed between your “successful” action of stealing and store’s phone call? Unlikely, and this is a price you’re paying now. Just face it and learn it. You won’t get the answers and release now anyway. Although the chances are reasonably low, the truth is it may come out of the blue during following 1/2 year. FYI in my most recent case it took almost 5 months to hear from prosecutors. Other cases took similar time just to be summoned, not for the final outcome.


I know where you’re coming from, but she doesn’t need more of that. She’s already regret her actions, probably not for the right reasons, but she won’t probably do it again. She’s also a kid, come on… and what she did, while being definitively wrong, is not that terrible.


Lawyers hear horrible things all the time. A student who shoplifted and is ashamed of it is nothing to them.

Jesus is right. If you have a guilty conscience, find a reputable organization and do some volunteer work. :slight_smile:

(Make sure you do the volunteer work legally, of course.)