CCP spyware

As we move into the cashless age and soon to be microchipped age which ways of cashless payments are and are not controlled or monitored by the CCP.
Let us start with the worst such as We Chat.
Which ones should be avoided if one wished to reduce government monitoring and spying.

Obviously, don’t use Chinese owned companies to handle your payment processing.

In Taiwan I worry less about the government but the private companies using your data to make an extra buck.

Government pushed Taiwan Pay (台灣Pay) has not taken off here.


How do you feel about Line Pay?

I haven’t used Line Pay.
I am not a big fan of Line altogether. It is a necessity in Taiwan as everyone uses it.
But the app is extremely ad ridden and annoying.


Tiktok obviously and Zoom.

I can’t avoid Wechat for work reasons but there is a setting to stop it scraping your Facebook


I have heard that Wechat can watch the user through the users own phone camera, is that true or urban legend?

Zoom, tik tok, any Chinese owned software I consider as spyware.


Obviously dont go cashless. Now is the time to avoid using those cards for everything and demand cash. Once we as socoiety goes cashless (meaning to say abandon physical currency) human rights and freedoms as we know will start to erode.

It is frankly shocking how little the world seems to care about this.

Everytime we get on a bus, buy something from a store etc, we should demand cash options. Convenience is nice. The issue is taking away the option of physical currency which is already happening in some places and should worry people. Complacency is what always gets us into trouble…

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I can’t be the only person who uses washi tape solely for covering my camera.

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I wish could avoid Wechat

What is washi tape? I use black electeical tape so cant see it easy.

Wechat is pretty easily avoided…even in the business world telephine and othe video conferencing stuff is available

washi tape is that Japanese paper tape with the “cute” patterns on it. I prefer it because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue but can be taken off and put back on a number of times before it falls off. Same effect as electrical tape without the mess

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Ohh right. Like pretty masking tape. Its the stuff they have a section at in staionary stores right? That does seem much cleaner, good idea. The electrical tape gets gummy in the heat.


I am totally at agreement with you on this. I avoid credit card only places like World Gym. If they don’t accept cash then bye bye.

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In Taiwan? I didn’t know it was popular here.

What about Apple and Google Pay?

The easiest solution is to eliminate the problem all together. Don’t trust your phone/internet services with anything that you wouldn’t trust someone on the street with.

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Cash is being eroded. It’s already hard to use back in the Uk - some places refuse cash. Others make it inconvenient to use cash, so you waste time. Almost everyone is using contact debit cards with a $50 maximum spend. Swipe, beep, go.

Meanwhile you queue at a single unmanned cash-till, wait until you’re noticed, then someone meanders over to serve you.

And i remember the days of “We offer cash discounts Sir”

Are there any tech experts here that can put the main social network platforms on a danger scale? For example I have heard Skype is one of the best.

There are so many problems with that its not even funny. Canada is sort of similar but cash is still easy to use. This is the exact time to start fighting it. Once it is gone, good luck getting it back.

Dont get me started on tap cards…