CÉ LA VI Taipei Lounge Bar with 48th Floor View

New lounge bar in new Nanshan building. Opens at 9pm, wasting time, people would come earlier maybe even daytime. Maybe part of LVMH group and theLoop. And maybe have food in the future.

CÉ LA VI Taipei
No. 17, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei


Nice! Can’t wait to check it out! Thanks!

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Was there over a decade ago (under previous hotel chain management).
71 floors up, yikes. Didn’t stay up that high but for one drink

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Pity about the opening time. I’d love to have a drink there in the late afternoon.


This will be a petty decent spot for watching the NYE fireworks.

EDIT : I’m sure I’m the only person in Taipei to think this and should have no trouble reserving a table.


Definitely check it out. I know a lot of the people involved. They put a lot of work into it. It’s a nice set up.


More info.

With more glowing reporting about Taipei. When I read these kinds of reports I think it’s written like author has never been either inside or outside, but not both, of Taipei or Taiwan and just wants to write BS. Everything is fantastic and it’s the best in Asia or the world.

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I’d go if they learnt to write French properly.

Spelling, spelling, folks!

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It will be very glarey near those windows during the day. You can trust they will not have done a proper job and applied tinting to those huge windows. I guess that’s why they have opted for the whole outdoor furniture inside setup…

Stupid fuckers.
Oh well, I won’t feel so bad when I open my Bing Bam Boom Cantonese restaurant…

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Oh. It’s a chain store. Apparently, several branches in other ‘international’ cities…

Kinda like Appleby’s.

You got to love how they slapped the accent aigu on the non-word CÉ… to make it, you know…“Frencher”

@Rocket: I think we’re not in their target demographic.

No frickin animals allowed: raccoon, scorpion, whatever.

I assume they are trying to say this life mixed up with that’s life. Bit odd, though.

There’s a department store near me called Dècor Hoüse.

Haagen Dasz ice cream FTW.

Those words are at least spelled correctly, gag punctuation notwithstanding. Of the 3 words in this place’s name, only one is spelled right, FFS.

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Oh you lot are so rigid about language. Sure, some may think that only the most ignorant individual could come up with such a bastardisation of French such as this. The same individual who came up with this may even think it appropriate to decorate this “classy” bar with swastikas, who knows?

George Bernard Shaw didn’t like to use any apostrophes, people thought he was bonkers, but was he any less of a playwright? Let this language evolve, let’s see where it takes us :slight_smile:

Of course language evolves, but it doesn’t help someone get a job interview if the English on their resume is, ahem, non-standard.

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I doubt that Taiwan is at the forefront of English and French language development.


Let’s make one thing clear regarding the naming.

It’s part of the same group that originated from Singapore, and the name “Ce La Vi” has been used for bars in the group across Asia.

Not saying it’s great naming, as I found it a bit annoying as well, but in this case, the name was predetermined before it opened in Taiwan.

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