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Hi everyone, I’m looking to move to Taiwan this August to teach English in a cram school/buxiban. I have a question regarding the new 2017 law requiring a “certificate of good conduct” when starting as a cram school teacher. I know that in the U.S., the document required involves an FBI certification with fingerprinting and a long processing time.

So my question is: what is the Canadian equivalent? Would a criminal background check from my local police department (which uses the RCMP Canada-wide database) be sufficient? Or do I need to get a certified criminal record check through the RCMP, which requires fingerprinting and a significantly longer wait time.

I am asking because I am worried about the time-frame. Have any other Canadians dealt with this new law, and if so, do you have any insights? Help is very much appreciated!

Canadian criminal record check

See here:

I would ask the TECO. Please let us know what they say.


is it different than a criminal background check?

I cant remmebr exactly as it was a while ago, but the whole process was easy, fast (for the Canadian gov.), not too pricey and generally painless. No fingerprints were needed.

also interested to hear your progess to see how hte laws have changed :slight_smile:


“Certificate of good conduct” is a translation of the unofficial term 良民證. It actually means either criminal record check or police record check, whichever one the local TECO says is the right one.


New Update!: I contacted the TECO office in Toronto. They informed me that the certificate of good conduct in Canada must be a fingerprint certified criminal record check by the RCMP.

The RCMP informed me that some police stations will offer fingerprinting services, or you can seek out a government authorized fingerprinting service, which they say are usually faster. They also informed me that for somebody with no criminal record, the whole process realistically takes between 2-3 weeks!

I hope this helps any Canadians looking to work at a cram school any time soon. This information wasn’t so clear online, so I’m glad that there is now a concrete answer!


Thanks for the update. Fyi it may take longer, depending on where you live.


I received this email from the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei. This may be of value for Canadians already living in Taiwan.

Please be advised the jurisdiction of criminal record checks falls under the RCMP in Canada.

Visit http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/criminal-record-checks and http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/steps-getting-a-certified-criminal-record-check for details.

Steps to obtain a certified Criminal Record or a …


Steps. Have your fingerprints taken; Fill in your application; Make sure your application is complete; Submit your application; Verify the status of your application …

Our office can assist by providing the finger print forms. If you need the forms, please mail a return envelope with $60 stamps to our office to request for one. [Or pick the form up at the office]

Basically, you would bring this fingerprint form to the National Immigration Agency (Taiwan) https://www.immigration.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=2and have your finger prints taken, then contact the RCMP certified accredited companies to proceed.

Please contact the companies for more information. http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/where-do-get-a-criminal-record-check#a3


Consular Section/Section Consulaire

Canadian Trade Office in Taipei/Bureau Commercial du Canada à Taipei

6FL, #1, SongZhi Rd, Taipei 11047, Taiwan

Tel: 02-8723-3000

Fax: 02-8723-3590

Email: tapei-cs@international.gc.ca

Website: www.canada.org.tw