Challenges of intercultural marriages - ABC News

Interesting news story. Do you think it’s getting easier?

[Australian migrants share the Australian migrants share the challenges of intercultural marriages - ABC News]


Easier in Taiwan ?
I think Taiwan would be much more difficult in terms of society than Australia and legal issues but on the other hand the vast majority of us don’t have our parents or family here either (different dynamic we dont have big foreign and ethnic communities here…).

Are thing getting easier in intercultural relationships ?
Not sure how one answers that question .
Emm …Westerners are more open and easy going usually .And Taiwanese people while conservative aren’t too pushy about religion and all that jazz. I know one or two guys who were blocked from getting married with their Taiwanese partner by their parents, but it was more like 'that guy isn’t stable…He doesn’t have much money…Won’t have a good life etc etc etc '. Some people in Taiwan really care about money a huge amount and the second thing they care about is whether the couple will live here or overseas. If the couple live here the parents are usually satisfied…But if they think you’ll take their loved one overseas they might have a problem with that.


What you say is true, but from a Taiwanese female point of view (many but not all) I would guess maybe easier in Taiwan haha. My small sample of friends that have intercultural long term relations seem happier in Taiwan, but for man maybe different view.

I can’t compare Taiwan over time, and I wouldn’t say it’s exactly hard in Taiwan. But in the US this was never an issue. In Taiwan we get some stares and odd conversations about us in front of us from time to time. Nothing too negative (sometimes meant very positively), but certainly not polite or welcome, either.


According to the exceedingly wise website “women&travel”, Taiwanese women are calm:

"### Calmness

Taiwanese girls are famous for their calmness. It is uncommon to see them having a fit of rage. And they shy away from anything that could lead to disagreements. When they are concerned about any issue, they exercise patience and take time out until they find a peaceful resolution. Taiwanese girls do not have to argue to make their point known; they are indeed an excellent choice for a spouse. Before she makes any decision, she is considerate of her husband’s opinion and demands. As a man, your relationship with a Taiwanese woman will be refreshing."

Said no man married to a Taiwanese. At least we can laugh at those suckers that married HK women. Holy shit they’re brutal.


Just another reminder to not believe everything you read on the interwebs.




LOL that has not been my experience
There’s no one size fits all for Taiwanese girls or American girls or whatever

They are all individuals

It might be hard to find ONE Taiwanese girl that fits that description actually


Turkey and Taiwan sound kinda alike, so maybe you’re getting confused with Ottoman Empire slave girls? In which case your description is spot on.

They’re all the wrong side of 100 (years, not NTD) but if you’re a single guy in the market for a meek, mild, martyr in marriage, if you’re looking for a lady who’s guaranteed to be as placid as a water lily on benzos, those Ottoman slave chicks can’t be beat… or come to think of it, they can!


Satire is famously difficult on the internet, so to reiterate: This website’s description is so out of whack with reality that it should be obvious that the writers are clueless on Taiwan (as well as anywhere else, most likely).


I think it’s called “making stuff up”


which is colloquial for “making shit up”

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Interesting but I heard people in EU tell me this before. Maybe since Taiwanese people seem more calm in the the EU or I guess a bit more timid to talk than say here at home.

My wife and I spoke about our different relationships with our parents.

After she meet my parents and spent some time with them she realised how dysfunctional her family is. She thought her families relationships were normal. She spoke to her mother about our talk last night. Oh dear. Now my wife says we will not be attending her families get togethers. Excellent for me her family is very boring. But she will miss out on lots of family time.

Interracial relationships are the same as any other relationships. You are navigating a tough path of pervious experiences and expectations and desires for what a healthy relationship should be. No winning only negotiations and hopefully reaching a suitable outcome for all parties. Good luck.


Then they are as deluded as the people behind that website. At best you could conjecture a difference between the public and the private. For sure no more “calmness” in private settings.

My wife and I had a similar conversation recently. Her family is not even dysfunctional or anything and I get along with them well. But…

Her parents are not capable of having an actual conversation. Everything just turns into them lecturing about what we should do or how they know more about X than we do.

With my parents we can have an actual back-and-forth conversation like normal people. The difference is quite stark.


I would like to find an orphan. So I can marry just her and not the whole family.

Or just…leave the country with her.

The honeymoon never ends!

Lol. I like the way you think. But you’ll probably have to deal with the society of orphans or something.