Cheap accommodation in Taipei possible?

Is it possible to find anything reasonable any more?

Define “reasonable”

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And “cheap” too.

I don’t think so, but it’s subjective.

With roommates, a decent place in a good location can be pretty reasonable. Otherwise you just gotta be lucky.

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What are your needs? Are you looking for an apartment or room to rent, or a hotel, or a hostel? How long are you intending to stay?

I am applying for a job in Taipei. I would like to stay until I can pass the hsk4

I will hang up my spurs here

And what do you need for your cheap accommodation? Just a space to sleep?

To start with. I stayed in a sleeping room for 11 months 20 years ago

There are a lot of hostels here in Taipei. Try

I’ve know people who pay about 5-6k a month renting a extra tiny room people rent out for extra cash. But it’s about the size of a prison cell basically.

More than 100 spaces in Taipei are 5000NTD or less on 591. They may be cheap and reasonable.

What do people here in the forum prefer? Furnished or unfurnished?

I don’t need furniture

I guess we have to be realistic. Keep in mind this is the capital of the country, a major city with a huge population and very little land. Keeping all those in perspective, it’s going to cost more to get a normal sized place that isn’t completely falling apart. Doesn’t mean you can’t find a cheap place, but you’d have to lower your standards. Really depends on what your standards are but too many people forget (myself included at one point) that even though Taiwan is cheaper than most of the countries we are coming from, Taipei is the capital and living in the capital or any major city of any country is going to cost more. I think the OP might already be aware of this but just reminding people in general.
Other cities and areas outside of Taipei are going to offer much better prices and quality of apartments. This is very normal and the same as everywhere else.

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I left the city in '02 after living in a sleeping room, a rooftop apartment (single room), & then a 10 ping place that I was able to pay for with 8 hours of work.
I am looking for a crash-pad.

What’s your budget?

if you can accept a room with a bed and attached bathroom then go nuts. all kinds of those in taipei.

Cheaper is always better. I just paid my rent here for another month but am used to that, ie, rented a place & then find a new one