Cheap place to stay in Kending

Hello everyone. I will be heading out to Kending on January 16, and I’m struggling with the hotel matter.

I would like to stay inside the town so that I can be near the beach, sights and activity. My budget would be from NT$400 to NT$1,000 for a night. Dormitories are OK, and cheaper is better as long as it is inside of the town.

Would you have some suggestions?

And also about the scooter rental, how much would that be and how much would be the guarantee in general ?

Thank you very much to you all ^^

Have you thought about camping? There is a good, cheap campsite just past the main stretch of Kending street that is only a couple of hundred a night. Otherwise Kending is pretty expensive. The cheapest place I have stayed at on the main strip was called ‘Xinxin’ 欣欣 Their number is 08-8861008. I think I paid $900 for a Friday night, then about $2000 for a Saturday. Nothing special, but good location.

The xinxin hostel/hotel place will rent out scooters (if you have Taiwan licence) I think it was $400 a day. They just copied my ID/licence as a guarantee.

I would not be against camping but I have no material nor big backpack to carry it across the country.
Is it possible to rent a tent in Kenting ?

You should have no problem getting a room in Kenting village itself for under NT1000 on a Sunday night in January. I was there last january for a couple days and was getting rooms in hotels for NT800 a night. A very nice area to stay is off the main road right down by the beach. Dawan Rd I guess. When you first enter town turn right at the intersection where the McDonald’s is. A few blocks down the road swings left and runs parallel to the sea. A strip of 3-4 story B&Bs, hotels, all in a row. A nice breezy feel to the places and most have decks out front. If it isn’t busy you can get a great room for NT800-900. The area across from this strip is now a park and the beach is literally on the other side. From your hotel front door it’s 150m to the ocean.

You can also try the Surf Shack in Hengchun. Outside Kenting but cheap, excellent hostel fare, and close to Baisha Bay which is the nicest beach in Kenting.

Just supplementing, that road is known locally at least as hòujiē (後街). You can try Qingshan Xiaozhu (青山小築). Lane 120 No. 3. I think if you show up in person you should be able to get a room there for NT$800.

Personally, I’d stay in Hengchun, as MM suggests, or at one of the hostels over in Jialeshui.

Kenting proper is everything that is wrong with Taiwanese tourism.

And Hengchun isn’t…? :slight_smile: . To be fair Hengchun has a few little nice spots and area OUTSIDE Hengchun is very nice but the town itself…nothing to it really.

Well, I think Hengchun is what is wrong with Taiwan small towns in general, not so much tourism. :laughing:

How about if I stay in the Awu or Ocean house hostel ? They are not in Kenting but near the South Bay. The thing is, how convenient would it be then to go to the hot spots of Kenting from there, knowing that I don’t have my scooter licence ?

What are these hot spots you are talking about? In any case to get around you need your own transportation. You can get a scooter rental without a license.

Well the hot spots would mostly be Eluenbi and just getting arounnf the beaches. I’ll maybe try the scooter thing then. Any suggestion for nice hotel where I can get single room outside Kenting, near the beach ?

Isn’t the a catholic hostel that’s pretty cheap? Is it still around?

Oh yeah there is this one too.

Would it be possible ti find a single room their ?

And also, what would be the prices for a dinner of seafood (fish, crab, maybe lobster…)?

Yes you can find a single room there. A decent sized crab will be around NT$800. Lobster is about the same, but can be very expensive in Kenting itself.

後壁湖漁港 Houbihu Fishing harbor is the place to go.

Would you guys think that usi a bike would be good substitute for a scooter. Because no licence and no real experience of scooter doesn’t sound safe to me.
How long would it take from Kenting town to Baishan Beach by bike ? Or from Kenting Town to Eluanbi ?

About an hour to either one. Probably longer now because there will be lots of wind coming from off the mountains this time of year. Hey, Ipanema Surf House has rooms for 400NTD!

Pfiuuu so complicated to move around in Kenting,
Is there some place where I can learn how to use a scooter in Taipei or Kenting ?

They are incredibly easy to ride. Just point and go real slow. If you can ride a bicycle, you can definitely ride a scooter.

Here is a great little place in Nanwan. Achi the owner is super nice and can help you with anything you need. He might even let you use his scooter for free so maybe you wont have to rent one.

do NOT learn how to scooter in Taipei ! yOu may not survive.

tons of places to stay in kenting from expensive to cheap.

I think the FASD hostel might still be there near the lighthouse?

I’ve made some researches about Ipanema Surf House, has someone already been there ? How long would it be to go from there to Baisha beach,Houbihu Fishing harbor, Kenting and Eluanbi with a scooter ?
It seems ok to quickly learn how to drive the scooter so maybe I could rent one after…

My plans have shifted and I’ll be in Kenting from sunday 16 january, will there be a lot of people because they don’t have a website to book.
My ideal is to have a single bed room but if I go to Ipanema, do you think that the dorm room are likely to be croweded ?(I do want to sleep at night after all).

And for those who have the experience of these dorm rooms, how is the ambiance inside?