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Hey, super_lucky, any new news on chew or tobacco in Taipei? I have looked everywhere. You are the only person that knows what he is talking about.

Hello, I’m from Texas. I’m studying abroad at Tung Hai University and wanted to find some Copenhagen Mint LC or at least figure out how to ship it in. Any help is much appreciated!

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You can order it. But they will declare it as tobacco when shipped and you have to go to the post office to pay a tax to import. Or like I said. The place above I mentioned has it.

Any new developments here?
I tried that baseball shop in Taipei with no luck…

He has it, probably just won’t sell to you because he has a limited stock he imports and idk if you bought any baseball stuff.

Can you be more specific?
He has Copenhagen?
I had no luck because there was a youngish girl working the counter. I motioned to my mouth, she took me into the stockroom and grabbed a mouthguard :roll_eyes::joy:
I tried to get an image of a dip can from google images but I was using Verizon travel pass at the time (my first week in TW) and couldn’t access the internet.

Started smoking cigarettes when I was 13, quit when I was 21. Started chewing Skoal when I was 16, stopped chewing Cope when I was 34 - but only by taking up cigarettes again for another two years. Finally weaned myself off both, but dip is by far the more addictive. Not even close.

Every dentist I’ve seen since tells me a tooth on my lower front jaw is going to fall out someday, the gum line has been pushed so low so permanently. Only bad outcome so far, knock on wood. (I still indulge in one of life’s great nighttime pleasures, though, and smoke 2 or 3 American Spirit cigarettes per week.)

I know you’re not even asking for advice, but take advantage of the geography to quit dip, my friend. Best.


I’ve bought skoal from him multiple times. I think he stopped selling it to the general public unless you built some rapport with him. I only use it for playing baseball so he’s fine with selling some to me as he knows I played in the US and that’s just something American players do. He enjoys it himself. But many Taiwanese amateur players will just play with a cig in their mouth out in the field. I don’t think he imports enough if it’s a daily thing for you. Buy it online and just pay the tax if you must have it. But I’d take this as a chance to quit, it’s a nasty habit and some of the guys I’ve played with have some nasty teeth and gums in their mid to late 20s already.


For future reference, DO NOT USE Northerner’s website (or any other) to have it shipped internationally.
I had a letter from the postal service in my mailbox today.
Had my Taiwanese friend call because I assumed it was a notice about paying an import tax.
Unfortunately, without a dealer’s license, you CANNOT have chewing tobacco sent to you.
My only option is to sign the notice I received and fax a copy to the postal service, who will then return the package to the sender (i.e. the US distributor that shipped me my dip).
I’m going back home for a couple of weeks in January, but what I have definitely won’t last that long.
I’m gonna be smoking like a fiend in the interim…

You could just do the Taiwanese thing and chew betel nuts… it’s about the same as chewing tobacco in terms of social etiquette… plus it looks great for Halloween

Anybody knows any place to buy Snus or Skoal? Or anybody have any to sell? Customs have stopped all my latest packs so getting annoyed :crazy_face:

I have never ever heard of or seen chewing tobacco in Taiwan… nobody seems to use them here. None of the people I know that smokes or eats betel nuts use it.

They must prefer betel nuts than chewing tobacco.

Philip Morris brought it in to Taiwan like 10 years ago, sold in selected Family Mart in Taipei and New Taipei, however no advertising and they added sugar to it to make it sweet. Not a success and a year later they stopped the import…
So now mainly looking if somebody knows of any private importers that sells?

Look for baseball players or baseball equipment stores.
This place had some 5 years ago when I was Scotch hunting
No. 548, Zhongzheng Road, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, 900


MFPW+C6 Pingtung, Pingtung City, Pingtung County

08 738 1245

Thanks, will check them out, appreciated

No prob. Keep the Scotch part under your hat. They have some rare fish in there I like to grab whenever I visit the in-laws.