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Hi does anyone have recommendation for hotel in alishan national park so can view sunrise in morning?
Has the Catholic hostel closed?

I’m hearing taiwanese hotels being extremely expensive for no good reason. Taiwanese are literally choosing to fly overseas because it’s not much more.

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I’ve heard good stuff about @Satellite_TV’s wife’s B&B. No personal experience, though.


They’ll only be expensive because of increased demand, so that doesn’t make sense to me.


Reminds me of Yogi Berra’s famous quote about a restaurant in NYC: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”


I’m not sure it’s demand based…

It’s basically just greed or something.

Not a national park, but a national scenic area. The first choice would be Alishan House. Not cheap, but very comfortable. Have stayed there twice. The Catholic hostel is in Fenqihu, not great if you want to see the sunrise. Not sure if it’s still in operation or not.

“Greed” only works if it makes money. And it only makes money if there’s a demand. If nobody pays the high price, nobody’s greed is satisfied. Econ 101?


We don’t have a B&B we have a homestay and we nowhere near the National Park. The breakfast shops in my village open around 5am,


Around an hour 15 mins from there to the National Park.

National forest recreation area por favor :slight_smile:

Also from Fenqihu to the Alishan Station area is less than an hour l think.

I thought everyone just crashed at @Satellite_TV 's place. Aren’t the countless lovely photos posted by him on this site just a friendly invitation? :grin:



You think wrong. It’s near 15 minutes from Fenquhi to the #18 Alishan road to the National Park. Also there is low cloud so the road can be foggy making the drive in the dark even slower when you don’t know the road.

We are full for the next week from today as have people from Czech staying to visit their tea suppliers from our village.

From my place you need at least an hour… google maps is great if you know the roads…

I can see the #18 road from my home.


l corrected the time, it’s been a while. :blush:

On a nice sunny day with no traffic yes can be not so bad. But someone wanting to get to see the sunrise. They need to drive to the National Park. Then take a shuttle bus to the viewing area so allow another 30 mins. You can walk to it but it’s a tough uphill walk for me.

Best to just stay somewhere in the park. At least now there is a 7/11 in front of the park entrance can get some coffee or other hot drinks and stuff.

This “must see the sunrise” thing is overrated. Heaps of lovely things can be seen and done in the Alishan area at more reasonable hours of the day. :slightly_smiling_face:



Sunsets can be even better to watch. And you do not need to be in the National Park for those.


Alright, alright, but it’s still not National Park. :grandpa:

Top photo and bottom photo are close by above the National Park. Could do a Sunrise and a Sunset on the same day.