Child Maintenance in Taiwan?

Hi, does anyone have any info about Child Maintenance payments in Taiwan please?
Is there a certain percentage of wage applicable? Anyone have experience with this?
I’ve had a look though previous posts but couldn’t find anything concrete.

Many thanks in advance.

Oh my…

From what I’ve heard is varies by location, the highest is Taipei City and it is about 14-15,000 NTD per month but this amount can be adjusted by a judge if you guys get to that point and if one of the parents makes a lot more than the other.

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It base on your negotiation, if both of you can’t reach a consensus, go to court may be inevitable. Here is a detailing answer below:

Google translate it if you can’t read Chinese. In short, judge will consider the financial status of parents and the regional CPI where kids live.

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You better have excellent mandarin and some relationships if court is in your futute :frowning: