China allows three children in major policy shift

Not sure if it will actually boost birth rates.


Yeah at this point in time many people don’t want kids so raising the limit won’t do much methinks

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Is this admission that the one-child policy was a major fail?

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They already did that when they allowed 2 children. Now they want to push to 3 but most couples don’t even want 2.


Why does a country of 1.4 billion people need more people…?

To dominate. A thousand year reich as Hitler used to say.

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The sad thing is Xi would probably think a thousand years is insufficient for a legacy.

Old people want their money too. Can you imagine what those old folks could do to Xi if their pensions are not transferred in time? :grandpa:

Because they be getting old


(China’s citizens by age and measured in millions)


The reporter on CNN said Xinhua had an instant poll on whether you would consider three after the new law came down,. One thousand ‘yes’, 700 ‘maybe’, 23,000 ‘no way’.

The correct question for this constant knee jerk hypocrisy, that os the CCP, is: How are they going to make the world suffer for this decision?

Zero sarcasm, literal question. Perhaps rhetorical depending on the thickness of ones skull.

They kidnap women for their unwed men. Are they going to start kidnapping children now? /s

Oh come on, that’s an easy question with an obvious answer.

It’s the same demographic timebomb of an aging population seen in other countries (including Taiwan) - there’s no need at all to shoehorn the predictable anti-China comments following yours into the conversation. :yawning_face:

China has a one-child policy: “China is bad”
China relaxes one-child policy: “China is bad”

Criticism where it’s due, of course, but seeing the same rhetoric every day on every issue gets pretty boring.

I never said the one child policy was bad. I’ve always been in favor of it. So save that snark for someone else.

And if it’s “boring”, no one is forcing you to reply to me. I’ve always treated you fairly even when I disagreed, so don’t condescend to me.

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Do you see the pattern?

State involvement in people’s most intimate parts of their lives = China bad.


why not just let families have as many kids as they want?

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Don’t throw your toys out of the pram. The second part (and the part you quoted) wasn’t directed at you - it was directed at some of the comments following yours, as made clear by the “comments following yours” in my reply.

The only part really directed at you was the bit about it being an easy question with an obvious answer - that’s a problem currently being faced by many countries, as is well known.

Whatever, dude.


I think you’ve missed the point. The fact that the state is not allowing you to have children or allowing you to have a certain amount of children is what is rightly criticized.


And I agree with that criticism…although I’m not sure it’s in anyone’s interests (China’s, Taiwan’s, or the world’s) for China’s population to grow further, either. :slight_smile: