China censoring the rest of the world

Also he did a bit about western people eating frozen microwavable fried rice. But that’s a thing here

Really disappointed. I went through a two or three day period during level 3 when I binged many of his videos. Don’t think I’ll ever revisit them now. Even beyond the pandering to China thing, I REALLY can’t stand people who throw others under the bus to protect or advance themselves (which is what he did to the dumpling guy).


China canceled him (cut off)

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Good. Karma. Perhaps Uncle Rog finally saw the error of his ways. But I still haven’t gone back to watch his videos. Anyway, he’s hit the mainstream in the last couple years, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.


I am still not clicking on his videos, and did he really joke about Xi Jinping though? The news article seems like he asked where his audiences were from, and upon hearing some of them are from Taiwan, he jokingly said “not a real country” and then implied he had to say that because there are people with Huawei phones. Is that really joking about Xi Jinping? I mean what he said was still in the spirit of pandering and not angering China. It just so happened that China is really really sensitive this time.

Taiwanese need to grow a pair.

Sure, there’s no arguing that. But growing a pair alone won’t be of any use if the rest of the world aren’t behind you 100% when you are facing a global super power.

I mean in the audience.

If they went to a Uncle Roger show, they probably don’t mind his stance on the matter.

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Seems , so he does not need Chinese market

Well he seemed to be making a more even handed jome about the whole thing which did get him cancelled over there.

But saying a country is not a country, even tongue in cheek, that would usually get people riled up who come from that country. Not even a boo out of them.

The FCC of Hk is feeling the squeeze now!