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Hi, anyone flown to China recently? The latest news I can find is from late April when China dropped the PCR test requirement and said flyers could self-test with a rapid antigen test. But the press release says you must test and implies there would be spot checks. Does this mean we should take an antigen test before flying, and then bring the physical test with us? Or just don’t worry about it at all since they also say airlines will not check for a negative result. So it’s all about trust and I’m over thinking?


Nobody is going to physically check your rapid test. That’s disgusting.

If anything, they might ask you to sign a form stating you tested negative. It’s up to you to decide whether to take a test or to falsify the form.



You’re talking about the country that was PCR testing fish and lettuce.


@projectmaximus A friend who just arrived in China from Taiwan last night informed me no testing was required.

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Your friend is wrong. @quandary already provided a link to the official policy.

Did you click on the link and look at the date it was written? It’s two months old.

It also didn’t say the rule applied to arrivals from Taiwan. Only applied to what they consider international arrivals.

Not to mention the fact that my friend personally experienced this first-hand two days ago. I think I’ll go with my friend’s first-hand experience, thank you.

I will travel to China this week. You have to do a test yourself and then you have to fill out a form telling the result of the test. You do not need to bring the tester with you.

The instructions are still correct, you have to fill out this form or use the app, 出入境健康申报 and then say the result of your test.


Exactly correct. Was in China last week.

You have to fill in the customs form before flying. If you are not travelling to China through Hog Kong or Macau, it will ask if you’ve done a rapid test in 48 hrs from flight, as well as symptoms.

They will then display a QR code that you should screenshot. Once arriving, you will need to scan the QR code to get into immigration. You will also need to scan the QR (or redo form) when leaving.

They didn’t actually check to see covid test photo, but maybe they can request.

Absolutely everything about this is wrong. I flew from Taiwan to China.

I’ll take my own experience rather than your “friends”.


That link is not working for me, based on my experience, just now. :man_shrugging:

Weird, my friend insisted the form only asked about symptoms and nothing about mandatory testing. :man_shrugging:t2:

From the news report @quandary provided above the base website address https://htdecl.chinaport.gov.cn/ leads to the declaration form, relevant excerp below;

Site does seem to be a bit flaky though, guess there’s either a lot of people travelling to China or it’s getting malicious hits.

Do I have authorization to fly to China?


or they have a WeChat page if you scan the qr code within wechat.

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LOL, all the links seem to be working now so try it quickly!

Alright guys! I made it! I made it in and then made it out alive, approx 78 hours later! Had to make it a short trip because Forumosa didn’t seem to work at all over in the motherland.

Regarding the health form, flying in from Taipei required the statement that we tested negative. Departing to Macau didn’t require any of that nonsense at all :stuck_out_tongue: If anyone has any questions, let me know. Can also answer questions regarding the 144-hr visa-free transit.

Did your friend travel from HK or Macau? I noticed that when I checked the “traveling from/to HK/Macao” box, the section about testing and also listing which countries I had been in immediately disappeared.

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haha, me too!

I thin you should change the solution in case other people going get confused or have problems.

My fiancée boarding now a flight to Guangzhou and only requirement is to complete a declaration via wechat or (thank God) online form.

Nothing else required besides visa for foreigners.

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Is this question still on the declaration she filled?