China, new world order?

is china going to take over the world this century?

  • never
  • maybe
  • i dont know
  • after 2099
  • only if they had more powerful airforce or military
  • not if the US of A on earth

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some say china is the new world power :noway: :noway: :noway: , more powerful than the us, is that true?

Sooo,what is China? What they claim to be today, within the Great Wall, or any other fragmented future version?

The China that CCP promotes under the label of PRC is not/never going to be any power that should be considered - it will break apart.

China is a great power because China opened up its human and natural resources to foreign investment. China became the world

chou wrote: [quote]China will start to break up into pieces soon after the Beijing Olympic Game in 2008.[/quote]
that is a fact, well china might break up cause it has poor economy

They will certainly not be the new world order within this century but for sure the next problem the world has to deal with (I do not consider Syria, Iran and Wales a problem). The number of people of course and then the fact that they become the factory of the world which makes other economies to depend on their labour. 100% sure that the next generation will have to deal with China, already see the arrogance with which they deal wit the world.

I’m concerned if there will be a world, a viable world, in the next century.

well, china needs to increase its economy even with the kyoto co2 emmision treaty because they must help the world and their own country. what they need is to show the world what they’re capable of in the next few decades. then they can rule the world. not.

[color=black]One word: India[/color]

It’s estimated that India will have a larger population than China within the first half of this century.

India has a more advanced political system than China, a booming software and technology sector, and vast numbers of native level English speakers, which they are already using aggressively to position themselves as the premier global provider of services.

Nobody is saying that China won’t be a major player. Of course they will be. But they will also be looking south at India, a country that is not only bigger than they are, but also possesses some very impressive cultural/institutional advantages.

And nukes.

if China’s english was at India’s level or higher than IMHO I think China could be the next super power. One might argue that should be India, but India being a democratic country they proceed slower than China since they have to answer to the ppl. China doesn’t have that issue whenever they implement new policies or ideas (not that those ideas or policies might be good for the ppl, but generally these new intiatives make $$, which is wat makes da wrld go round).

i would argue that india might not be a world power unless their gov will make a lot more money because in most parts of india is poor(no offence)

As opposed to China?

And am I the only one who finds webdoctors criticizing other people’s English a touch… humorous?


I don’t think China wants to take over the world. Only have influence over the world. They of course want to take over Taiwan. In terms of global influence I am sure they want to make sure they, the Communist Party, can stay in power for another 50 years, by eliminating world censorship and by being able to crush any peaceful opposition with brutal force within their own borders. They would love to be able to do another June 4 massacre, rolling over their people with tanks and shooting into crowds if they had to or worse. They are afraid they wouldn’t get away with this as easily any more, so they need to continue to expand their global influence. For example, presently the French, and maybe the Germans would stick by them as those two seems to love anyone that hates the USA nowadays.

yes i agree hobart

And am I the only one who finds webdoctors criticizing other people’s English a touch… humorous?[/quote]

No, I think so too.

And am I the only one who finds webdoctors criticizing other people’s English a touch… humorous?[/quote]

No, I think so too.[/quote]

I see the point you guys are making, but I think maybe you are being a little too hard on webdoctors. As I understood his post, he was just making the point that it would be an asset for China if the average Chinese citizen could speak English as well as the average Indian citizen. I don’t think he was really criticizing anyone. :idunno:

(Not sure if you saw this exchange (see bob, 3rd from bottom), but I think this is a closer case for someone getting nailed for using questionable grammar while criticizing someone else for the same thing. Although even in this case, Fox was able to raise some doubt about whether “spelling and grammer counts” is actually incorrect…)

I was more just taking the mick than having an actual go at him :laughing:

Why are we making fun of Irish people now?