China Post illegal teacher ad

June 5, page 8, China Post:
NOTICE with picture stating that a foreign English teacher broke her contract and is staying illegally in Taiwan.
I’ve seen this for people from the Philippines who have run away, but is this cool?
You are to contact an 07 area code for the police if you spot this woman or call “Teacher Wang” at: 0928-794-348.
I think we need to find out more on this.

Yeah I thought it was a bit of a joke. They could make a movie out of it. The fugitive, starring ?? Melissa someone. On the run after breaking her contract. Being hunted by the Foreign Affairs Police and Teacher Wang. One of my Grade 2 students actually saw the picture today and mistook her for our “Teacher Julie”. I’m sure thet’ll get hundreds of leads when the Taiwanese community begin to spot the ‘same looking’ blond headed women in Taiwan.

Teacher Wang put his mobile number on the wanted poster, but isn’t answer calls at the moment. Strangely enough.

What if we did the same with crooked schools & bad managers?

You are right amos…
I saw her multiple times today, but I don`t think “Teacher Wang” appreciate all my sighting-reports, thi hi…

I’m all for it, does anyone have the phone number handy? Call Mr. Wang and give him a lot of false leads. Also, publish the name of school so that the jerk can’t sucker any more people to teach at his school.

I was very surprised when I saw this ad. And the “Foreign Teacher Police Station” phone number. Are they serious?

I suspect that the teacher on the run probably owes the school a lot of money or has severely p*ssed the school off so they are out for revenge. If anybody knows the details of the school please post them. Obviously it is not a good place to work.

US citizen or other western nationality? What is next–wanted dead or alive posters from the Wild West in Taiwan?

Are you sure that’s the number ?

Any more ads like that give me the number. I’ll set up my PC to ring it every 2 minutes from Northern Ireland (untraceable obviously) and tie up their line. Maybe even give them a bit of “We know where you live” in a thick Belfast accent (although how you do that in Chinese I dunno!?)

If possible, then give me the schools phone and fax number and I’ll block them too.

Putting ads in the newspaper - where is it going to end ? Maybe they’ll start taking out contracts on teachers who leave early.

I do not wish to repeat the name of this person, but for those of you who are not in Taiwan, this is the text of the ad, which ran about 2" square with a thumbnail mugshot:

Mrs. XXXXX is a foreign teacher from South Africa. She was born on XXmonth, XXyear. She left before completing her contract and did not notify her employer. She is staying illegally in Taiwan.

If anybody knows where she is now,
please call Foreign Teacher
Police Station: (07) 745-2830
or Teacher Wang: 0928-794-348

When I saw that ad I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t a joke by a few of her students: “Teacher Wang” and “Foreign Teacher Police” sound a bit like buxiban English for children. Could it be she only made herself unwelcome in one of her classes? Just a thought…

Teacher Wang: 0928-794-348
I just called, and asked why she wanted to know the whereabouts of this teacher. Had this teacher stolen something? Isn’t it possible she had already left the country? What good would it do to call the police? She told me that she didn’t want to know anything and told me to call the police station directly if I or anyone else knew the teacher’s whereabouts. I asked her why we should do that, and if she didn’t care to know anything herself, why did she publish her name and phone number in the newspaper? (BTW, it’s Teacher Wang: 0928-794-348 ) Then, I kid you not, she SCREAMED “Fuck you!” at me, and hung up the phone. (Actually, she screamed “Fah - Q!”) SOMEONE’s having a bad day… Did I mention her name? It’s Teacher Wang: 0928-794-348

So you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! She learned that from me, just about 2 hours ago!

BTW, just before she spoke to me, I could hear her talking in heavily accented English to a bunch of kids, telling them that there would be no class tomorrow. Then I heard a (I think British) male teacher saying the same thing to the kids. Definitely a buxiban, Olaf but I’m pretty sure she’s a buxiban owner acting as T.A./classroom monitor, not a student.

Someone should call who is really Chinese and pretend you are looking for a place to have your brat learn English and then find out where this place is and what it is called.

Wow! I’m sure Teacher Wang regrets posting the ad NOW with the Oriented brigade nipping at her heels!
I’m dying to know what the S.Afr woman did to make her to do that. Could Teacher Wang really be such a **** that she’d post something like this unwarranted? There are always several sides to these stories. And if the teacher DID do something shitty aside from breaking contract, like stealing the buxiban booty or whatever, then doesn’t this woman give all foreign teachers in Taiwan a bad name?
Could this be why the contracts are written as such NOT to protect the teachers, but rather, the buxibans instead? Could this be why deposits are often taken out of teachers’ salaries?

See, ya’ll, this is one damn good reason to form a foreign teacher’s rights group here in Taiwan!!

The revolution will not be televised in English.

Maybe that’s so, Alien, but Teacher Wang’s accusation was limited to contract-breaking. I’m sure that if the teacher had stolen stuff or shagged a kid or something, that would also have been included in the ad.

BTW, you all should also call the police number (07) 745-2830. I’m not sure if its really the foreign affairs cops, but they do speak English and are MIGHTILY pissed off at Teacher Wang’s ads. Seems MANY people have been calling them up all day long.

She’s still answering her phone right now, 9.40pm, although she’s not talking!!

everybody keep phoning her up at all hours… when you come home from the pub a bit tipsy or when you have insomnia or when you have nothing better to do

I think a reporter needs to get onto this story … anybody feel like doing a freelance investigative piece?