China sentences Canadian to death

This is tyrannical. The U.S. needs to have Canada’s back.

I doubt CCP is so crazy to put random tourist on death sentences. But you never know with communists

What I want to know is why isn’t the US coming to Canada’s assistance for extraditing someone for us???

Maybe guy is just a small drug dealer guy. Who cares about him ? Is media war, which west, specially trump needs. Hang him and trump can justify going harder on China

Given he is in fact a drug smuggler it’s a case of play stupid games win stupid prizes.


Ye Olde ‘Let our princess go or we kill your scumbag!’ style of diplomatic relations will go over well with your average Habs fan.

China doesn’t fear Canada and Trudeau


He brought 500 pounds of meth into China. I wouldn’t call that small.

Weird, China is flooding the markets with synthetic drugs in labs. Basically doing what the west did with opium ironically. Not sure why he would have to smuggle meth into China.


True, but with the difference that, in the West, people are blaming the importer not necessarily the exporter. The money made from opium bought your freedom, young fella. Unless of course you’d rather be still kowtowing to the Chings

I agree and who would fear an SJW anyway

It is tyrannical although I’m not sure how the US could help more than his home country can. A quick google shows that the guy has been arrested in Canada for drug distribution before. I am still curious about the evidence in China as it would be easy to convict someone in the court of public opinion based on his past

From what I understand this is a retrial. Basically they picked the easiest guy to hang the death penalty on to retaliate against Canada.


I had seen that. I’m not sure what they had on him for the original trial and why he appealed. I read he can have another appeal.

He was arrested in 2014 when the west was putting pressure on China to crackdown on the export of synthetic drugs. His appeal fell just when relations with Canada and China are politically turbulent. For China he is the right idiot in the right place at the right time. China doesn’t care about him or what he has done, but they are following the laws of the country in which the crime was committed. China may be playing a political game, but think of all the lives that would have been affected if all the drugs would have made it to Australia.


According to news he was charged for conspiring to traffic 500 pounds of amphetamines out of China.

Working up… strength … to… care… about huge meth dealer… being… sentenaaagh* sorry, can’t even fake it. Fuck this guy.


They can charge you with anything. I’d like to know how they know this. It it’s true, then I don’t care about him as well. I just don’t trust the Chinese government.


Makes more sense. I thought it was weird he would need to smuggle it into China. They make so much of that stuff other there.

True, but I think in this case they hand picked someone that was a easy case. They don’t want to give any reasons for Canada to play his innocence card IMO