China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains


I guess I missed the part that says the whole system is only for temporary travel bans and gives you immunity to ordinary prosecution. :idunno:


yea, for contrast: The British one got 11 months in jail, and the chinese one got 12 months travel ban. The British case sounds worse, but the Chinese one sounds pretty bad too: throwing scalding hot noodles and shouting about a bomb on the plane…


It also applies to companies. From the Mercator Institute for China Studies in Germany

“Despite much international attention on the impact of the system for individuals,
the core motivation behind the Social Credit System is to more effectively steer
the behavior of market participants.
The Social Credit System goes far beyond credit rating systems in Europe or the
U.S.: it expands the use of credit ratings to the social, environmental, and political
realm. Under China’s Social Credit System, a company will get a lower credit rating
if it does not pay its loans back in time. It will, however, also get a lower rating if
it does not comply with emissions targets, work safety standards, or government
investment requirements, or if it fails to deliver products ordered via e-commerce
platforms on time . . . .”



why is this even being discussed? the corrupt officials and others with connections will continue to behave badly and get away with it while everyone else will have less freedoms than they already do with worse punishments. if they wanted to clean up peoples act with the anti social behaviour they would have done something about it ages ago, this has nothing to do with that its just another measure of control and taking away freedoms.


The alt left across the west would welcome this in their post modernist world.


Good. The Brit should’ve gotten a lifetime ban from flying as well. Flying sucks enough without your seat-mate being a certified nutter.


Actually this kind of system is designed to at against corrupt cadres and well-connected business people. And ultimately, Xi Jinping’s legitimacy rests with popular support. The times are getting tough for the corrupt underbelly of the country.


What a time to be alive.


if you had said its designed to take out anyone who might be a threat to xi you might have something.

thats all his anti corruption campaign really is. so if that fits your definition of corruption then fair enough i guess? i mean it makes sense as he is a paragon of virtue himself, not becoming the next emperor or anything like that right?


But people against Emperor Xi are OBVIOUSLY corrupted!

Checkmate, democracy fanboys!



And they’re more into it than their alt-counterparts because… why, exactly?


I suppose that’s the only way: if your score is lowered for an improper reason (e.g. someone didn’t get the memo in time), you need to raise your score not by appealing the decision but by ignoring it and doing unrelated good deeds. :innocent:


Smoking on a train deserves a ban


Exactly! Tbh, I’m torn. I know deep down on a philosophical level that using a social credit system is Orwellian and a slippery slope.

On the other hand, who hasn’t wanted to throw someone off the train or bus, for smoking, yelling or being a drunken lout? (And I don’t mean here in Taiwan… when I flash back to people doing this, it’s usually in the US)

You’re on public transport. Be cool. How hard is that?


“once untrustworthy, always restricted”…come on people, this is deeply Orwellian and you all know, 100%, that the kunts in Beijing will use this against all of its “enemies” to restrict their freedom of movement.

I’ve nothing against banning people from public transport if they misbehave but this is something else.




Its all about control.
Limiting personal freedom and individual expression.
Over a billion people with their human potential being trodden down. Now they can live a ‘good’ life but only as obedient consumers who will not question the authority of the chosen one.

I have no doubt that as soon as they can scan the mind they will do that as well.

Has anyone ever seen their national facial recognition systems? The cops also wear Google glass type glasses that constantly scan the crowd around them.

Weirdly China also has some of the smartest people on the planet. Really what a waste.


Also many people admires how almost all Chinese are using wechat as way of paying and receiving money. I don’t see that as progress… I see controlling government who is behind it knows where, when and what you purchase or sell.


It’s much worse than that. They read your WeChat private messages and if they don’t like what you say, your social score goes down. Or they just delete your account altogether