China to take over Kenya's ports over unpaid debts


They just don’t learn.


Oh mine oh mine


That didn’t take long.


This share’s my sentiments about borrowers, especially in Africa. There is a clear reason why the Chinese keeps offering them monetary loans…


I’ve warned many of them in conversation about the china but they laughed…China has done a huge propaganda and PR campaign it seems in african nations because they love and welcomed them.


eSwatini standing firm!


It’s amazing how nothing changes. Hong Kong under British rule for 99 years? Poor and weak countries with corruption vs. rich and strong countries.


I think they played the we are both together against the western colonizers card hard. Thats the sentiment I was given when I warned people from africa about this.


It’s much more likely to be Occam’s razor. Those who happened to get lucky and be in positions of power during this cash giveaway filled their boots. Others will have to deal with the hangover.


I told them this as well, but all I got was america is evil, the west did this, etc. The usual spew. They praised Xi as well…he is this strong leader of the people from the way some anti-american anti-west people talk.


They already have that port in Sri Lanka, then they tried to take over some ports in the South Pacific , now Africa.

They are doing similar in Pakistan and even though they have 100,000s of Muslims in camps in China you hear nothing from Pakistan or Muslim countries. .

They are just taking a leaf out of the old British playbook to be honest. America also took over a bunch of islands in WWII and still holds onto them. I guess the Chinese figure if I can park a few warships in a port and pay off the local.govt there’s not much outsiders can do.


These Chinese don’t fool around. When someone runs a debt up on the US, it’s practically like our fault.


That’s totally hilarious. The Kenyan government must be wondering what hit them, after years of dealing with guilt-ridden westerners prepared to let them get away with anything, it looks like they’re about to get a jolly good spanking. And about time too. In the long run it’ll do them the world of good.

It’s a safe bet the Chinese went into the deal fully aware that the Kenyans would play silly buggers and set the whole thing up for precisely this outcome.


I was reading a more complex article breaking down chinese loans for the development of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). And the analyst along with many others basically said the SGR is a project that’s unprofitable and the chinese fully knew no one is going to pay off any debts for it.


China plays the part of the mafia. Kenya plays the part of the dumb sap who thought they could borrow from the mafia and not suffer any consequences. This reminds me of an episode of The Sopranos where Tony took over his gambling addict friend’s sports goods business when he couldn’t pay his debts.


East African port with good rail links they said…I’ll take that , after all we paid for it!


And they have a base in Djibouti across from the US base.

Djibouti support base


No surprise here. China had a plan and it is coming to fruition. Good for them.


That’s awesome. By the by, most of my ENL students from the Congo are here because of the war China keeps burning because they need cobalt for cell phone production.

But hey, yay China. :roll:


Well if causing wars - and associated famines - in Africa is the measuring stick then China is by no means at the top of the list.