Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has not been seen in public for 2 months

I think it’s not that clear-cut, he wasn’t just suddenly punished. He is a highly connected party member who is dealing with high level connected party members every day. His success in part comes from his connections with the party. He played with fire

The finance side of the business had been making them unhappy for a while. Alibaba isn’t a bank and he had been acting like one for a while. Was always going to come to this.

But communism is shit anyway, the State owns everything. Your money and business belongs to the state. Anyone who says China isn’t really communist has been fooled, it always was, but was hiding for a while.

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Imagine, your next phone could be made by a former billionaire.


I suspect it has something to do with China wanting to launch their central’s banks digital currency this year. The first of its kind.

Who is now working as a slave at a factory in Xinjiang?

Innovation, CCP-style!

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They are launching the digital yuan to eventually push Tencent and Ali out of the payments business.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

I would bet that a far more likely scenario will be -

2/1 odds - tearful apology for doing something illegal that he didn’t know he did
3/1 odds - news that he was convicted of some crime several months ago and is ‘being detained’
9/1 odds - that he’s written out of history

Where are the local CCP apologists who always post here saying that Ma is a communist in good standing so things should be fine?

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Their central bank digital currency is revolutionary. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of downside to it when a government like China is using it. They will be able to track everything. We were just talking about it in our class. My professor is super excited for it…didn’t seem happy that I mentioned the negatives.

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I think there are some guys in LA who have diffferent plans for the Digital Juan.


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They want to track everything, that’s the point.

From now on, anything considered as infrastructure is likely to be under threat from state control.


Now that’s just silly. You move your slave labor to the coast obviously.

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Last episode of Analyze Asia podcast had great breakdown of Alibaba situation


Will Musk miss Ma?

Him disappearing is being discussed pretty openly in Chinese social media and media. He is just being reprimanded a bit for going too far.

They have been behaving as a bank and essential infrastructure provider but most of shareholder in US and Japan so the risk was deemed too high

more like Jack MIA am I right?


That sounds like how somebody desensitized to the CCP’s dystopia would spin it.


Wow I bow down to your insight regarding China. Yes he is probably smashing rocks right now in a prison camp in Gansu or thrown out of a helicopter.

Please tell us more

The man, who is one of China’s most successful businessmen, hasn’t been seen publicly for 2 months and you say “he is just being reprimanded a bit.”

The language you use is dismissive. It suggests this is something normal that we shouldn’t pay any attention to.


Yes exactly. There wouldn’t be news articles in China talking about it and that he has been missing for 60 days if something had happened, China generally doesn’t work like that.

He is being reprimanded for a few reasons. The punishment will be him losing a large amount of his business. He isn’t just a businessman , he is also a party member and part of this world.