Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has not been seen in public for 2 months

Again, please explain more what and why is happening.

Yes, one of the world’s most successful businessmen being “reprimanded” by the government and being forced to hand over a “large amount of his business” to the state is not “something”.

I won’t call you a China shill or apologist because I don’t know you. But perhaps you’ll consider that your nonchalant, “this is how it works in China and there’s nothing to see here” attitude is precisely what China is working to propagate outside its borders.

It’s one thing for people in China to be brainwashed and desensitized to the CCP’s evil but it’s another for people outside of its borders to fall victim to the CCP’s propaganda machine.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil in the 21st century is for good people to pretend that evil is normal.


So you have direct insight to where he is :grin:.
Bill Gates of China just disappears…It’s business as usual.


Maybe he’s Jack Ma?

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Oh don’t be ridiculous and self-aggrandizing. Honestly you seem to be a bit up yourself here. Calm down with your frankly silly language.

You have no idea what happened to him. I’m the single most Anti CCP person I know and spent the last 20 years in and out of China and reading about the CCP.

What do you think being reprimanded means. I’m all ears as you are such an all-knowing China expert.

He will lose the financial side of his business and be told to concentrate on e-commerce is what will likely happen.

Jack Ma isn’t such an innocent guy, he is a player in game

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Do u know where he is? People here seem sure he is in a labor camp or something.

Chinese media are the ones running with the story first that he hasn’t been seen. Fan Bing Bing wasn’t seen for a while when she didn’t pay taxes and then was seen again.

What a ridiculous thing to write.

I don’t know…Nobody knows.
It’s crazy that disappearing and reappearing famous people is normalised in China.

I mean they do it with regular people and intellectuals etc but I guess they (he) tries to make an example with the more powerful famous ones too.


Yes, but in jack Ma’s case we have ideas of where he went wrong. Mostly as his Business was too risky and had too much foreign investment. He fraternizes with top party members , and is party of Jiang clique so wouldn’t just come out of the blue.

I think it’s shit, but these wealthy people are players in the game as well. You don’t get to that position in China without having connections and working with the party.

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Honestly you seem to be a bit up yourself here.

Since you’ve spent so much time in China and studying the CCP, perhaps you should consider Nietzsche:

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

You don’t get it, do you? I’m suggesting that what you believe is happening to him is abhorrent and should not be brushed off as “this is just the way they do things in China, no big deal.”

The CCP doesn’t need to give Ma the Khashoggi treatment for it to be evil.

So what? Does that justify China’s MO?


My guess is that because of importance of Alibaba in terms of Ma’s public image and also importance of foreign investment , he will resurface soon and be told to keep his mouth shut.

The finance and infrastructure side of his business will be carved up. 95% sure that will happen

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Who said it’s not a big deal. He played the game , flew close to the sun and this is what happened.

I’m realistic about China. You can play fantasy if you want.

What do u think is happening to him? You have no idea apart from your own fantasy

You don’t come off as a realist; you come off as an apologist.

I think what you suggest is likely. And I find that evil and worthy of contempt and condemnation.

Yes it’s not fucking great and I haven’t said otherwise. China is a Leninist state

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You need to understand that the wealthy in China are rarely innocent.

Why do u think this is happening? What did he do wrong?

He’s rich and famous but his biggest problem is his popularity and his loud mouth.

I think less so, the mouth thing slightly.

I think business wise he was doing too much that the party wouldn’t like , especially competing against state owned banks with his financial services.

It’s kind of ridiculous in China. Ali own nearly the whole of retail through taobao and tmall , then payments and lending through Ant. Plus national logistics through Cainiao and also the supply chain in sorts through Alibaba.

Really nobody should have that type of monopoly and it was never going to last forever in China. 80% of investment comes from overseas, meaning for the CCP, Alibaba has vested interest to satisfy shareholders abroad. If that is the case and they own so much vital infrastructure, the State is going to view you as a threat.

One analyst was saying that Ali probably has more data points on citizens than the State does. Again not going to wash under that system

The problem with Ant financial is that it’s not a bank but it’s behaving as one. It lends out a lot of money and doesn’t have the reserves that a bank has. Beijing thought there was a risk of this leading to something like a sub prime crisis in the US. Fundamentally they are risk adverse , which is why the started bearing down on Ma.

I don’t think he is being punished because of his outburst, but rather his outburst was a reaction to knowing he was about to be punished.

There are things he knowingly did to annoy Xi and he has been protected by Jiang, but his luck rolled out and now he will lose some of his business


J[quote=“RBE, post:62, topic:200983”]
You wouldn’t apologize for the Nazis under the rationale that “Nazi Germany doesn’t work the way America does”, would you? If not, you should consider the wisdom of applying the same rationale to the CCP’s behavior.

Yep, I wouldn’t apologize for the Nazis , absolutely correct and I also wouldn’t apologize for the Chinese government.

I removed a number of less than civil posts, keep it civil please.


Probably just laying low in Hangzhou

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