Chinese New Year season how does it feel?


Seems like there is some feeling of energy in Taipei since last week that I’m attributing to the upcoming holiday and maybe also the end of year bonuses. People seem friendlier, more talkative, and slightly relaxed but with more energy. I’m still receiving the odd stares and confusing stumbles when people see me, but in a good way.


It’s a combination of the bonuses and all the whisky gift boxes going around. Unsurprisingly, the driving quality decreased immensively over the last few days.


People are always gayer at this time of year. Kinda cool. :rainbow:


My boss secretly gave me a money bonus. That’s fun.

But all I care right now is to go back to my home country and enjoy the relaxing time.


For way too many people, it is the only break they get all year long.

Hopefully, the economy is not that bad and people can actually take a week off to rest.


Agreed to the extent that, to my eye, people on the street seem slightly less miserable…


Immensively gayer. I’m just looking forward to time off without any chance of an issue that needs to be resolved. Nine days!




Might have to do with the past few days being :sun_with_face: too?


I’m jealous on others that having good holiday during this season - boss is on business mode during these CNY so I need to mixed my CNY holiday with work.
Happy Chinese New year to everyone.

After CNY - tax …income tax…


isn’t this supposed to be a situation where this applies: if the cat’s away the mice will play…


the mice can’t play.

She always remind every time specially CNY…
Jo… China is on holiday but you know other countries are not on holiday …
Yes, I know.


It feels like Ash Wednesday in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly in Jackson MI.

No wait, it feels like I just lost the last of my baby teeth downstairs from the Koh-i-noor Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsoi.

Actually, no, it’s more like DC just killed off Superman in 1993 and I’m buying weed off a guy next to the dumpster out back of the King Edward Hotel bar in Round Hill.

No, hold on…


But I guess you play on Christmas ?


Add oil!


She will probably tell her

“America is on holiday but you know other countries are not on holiday …”


Okay, things are getting serious out there now. Everyone is in gear doing all last-minute things before the huge migration. Don’t go to the bank today. What a madhouse. Luckily I just needed to withdraw cash from the ATM. And me? How do I feel? I’m very ready to get out of the city.

And what will I do once I get there? Probably dance a little jig, like this:


I’m just chilling today in a coffee shop.

Tomorrow will be exploring a vacant Taipei for couple days, then easy day trips outside the city avoiding crowds at all costs.


If anyone feels the need to get off the Rock there’s still cheap tickets to Bangkok going. Scoot and Thai Lion.


That reminds me of my days in Korea. Back then, everything was a struggle in Seoul, even catching cabs. Then boom, during Chuseok (mid-Autumn festival), the empty city made everything easy and fun.