"Christians" cancel prayer breakfast with Tsai

Missed this in the kerfuffle of the U.S. elections:
A group of Christian leaders were scheduled to have a prayer breakfast with Tsai Ying-wen, as they had had with the sitting President for the last twenty years. The theme was “love without borders”. Then, Pres. Tsai sent a Facebook message congratulating Taiwan Pride, so the Christian organizers of the breakfast cancelled at the last minute.
Organizers canceled the annual event yesterday for the first time in 20 years after President Tsai Ing-wen made a Facebook post supportive of Taiwan’s LGBT+ community.

The group, jointly organized by Christian organizations in Taiwan, had sent a letter to Tsai requesting that she not attend the Friday breakfast due to the preparatory committee’s opposition to her stance on marriage equality.

Yeah, the next time they try to tell you it’s all about love…


Let’s have an interreligious LGBTQ+ prayer breakfast with her instead

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Love without borders, except around you.

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I love everyone as long as they follow my ethics, religious beliefs and views on sexual orientation.


It’s all political and pandering to certain types of people.

This is why Christian organizations are almost always anti anything not normal regardless of what the Bible says.

What are you implying?

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Christian fundamentalism. The biggest source of evil in the US. Luckily for Taiwan, Tsai is like garlic to them.


Until she loses the election because of those votes. Not saying that will happen, but it is politics.

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I’m implying that the Christians have little biblical basis for hating gay and lesbians, and the Bible has a total of 6 verses that have anything to say about it.

The theme of the Bible is god love the world, created everything out of love, and even though man is evil, god loved the world so much that he got himself nailed to a cross by a bunch of self righteous men who thinks they’re serving god. Just so all can come together in love.

These fundamentalist Christians are the very same people that do not serve god.

I think there are more than that. And Christians don’t hate the people, I believe it’s the act itself.

And there are a lot more than 6 verses…


Tsai has no election to lose as it’s already her second term. If I’m not completely wrong Taiwan has a two-term limitation.

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Yet they are yelling the loudest in the name of god. Pro-life, Pro-Guns(Anti-Guns), Anti-Taxes, Anti-Immigrants/Foreigners(love thy neighbor).

Those evangelicals are as hypocrite as Breitbart and Tucker Carlson. Using religion as an excuse is just one more evidence of their cruelty.


I’m no Christian but I thought bible is about killing the heresies. Doesn’t it mention something like killing all innocent first born of Egypt because the pharaoh was heathen? Or maybe innocent baby heathens is just me. Perhaps the Bible has a different definition for innocent.

Good point :slight_smile: Well, I hope all parties are as open-minded!

Wonder why CCP hates christians so much when they have so many similarities. Oppression for the win, yay love!

GOP and CCP do indeed have a lot in common.

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No, i was talking about the christian religion and the CCP and how ironic how the ccp oppresses the christian religion. no metion of the United stats republican party. Generally gop supporters are the opposite of the ccp, although often equally crazy.

Because some Christians are flat out weird. A Chinese guy asked me if Christians are all vegans. I said no way and he said the ccp believes many Christians drive a wedge into families and thus the ccp must protect the people against dangerous cults.

So either ccp lies about Christians or there are weird Christian sects in China.

Seems like an overreaction. Her stance on the subject isn’t a surprise.

There are weird sects related to all major religions, and some of them are international, so they turn up in all kinds of places.

Christian sects in China? Historically there was the 太平天國, which kind of was a big deal. More recently there’s this: