Chromecast with Google TV (Chomecast 4th Gen)

I’m looking for the new Chromecast with Google TV. I’ve ordered twice online now and my orders have been cancelled both times.

I’m looking for a chain store that stocks it. Don’t tell me to go to Guanghua. I’d rather not pay 7k for a 2k device.

Are you picky about generation?

Only the new one has Google TV

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Yeah they don’t sell them in Taiwan.

Slim pickings for the 3rd gen. 4th Gen almost non existent.

I looked for a friend a couple weeks ago.

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I bought my Chromecast in Taipei area but I forgot where.

I’m also in the market for Chromecast with Google TV.

I expect shopping is like other electronics and that is shop or chain that should or might have them could very possibly be out of stock. So I just keep my eyes open and stop in random shops.

Yeah they used to sell them. I have a first gen that I bought from CoolPC.

But 4th gen isn’t sold here.

Just found a guy on Facebook marketplace willing to ship to my house tonight for 2.5k. Much more expensive than the 50 USD it costs abroad but I guess somebody has to import it

Pretty much. Why not just ask a relative in the UK?現貨]全新-chromecast-with-google-tv-白色-第4代-機上盒-投影功能-i.13713951.7478970521?ads_keyword=wkdaelpmissisiht&adsid=23107865&campaignid=13698189&position=0


I decided I wanted it a week ago and was willing to wait. But then my orders got cancelled and now I want it now lol.

Ok. A bunch of Shopee sellers are selling it for somewhat less. Try there? Should be in in a couple days.

Last one Nova Zhongli second floor top of the escalator gone now. Didn’t see any more in the whole building.

NOVA Information Plaza store in Chungli

Nice find, bit far from me though.

Got a guy coming to my house tonight with one anyways. Thanks for the help guys.

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$2490 is still rather expensive.

$10 cheaper than I’m paying for someone to bring it to my house :slight_smile:

And how will it work in Taiwan? How to get the channels?

Custom firmware on a router and run a VPN script duh

Not everyone can do that.

Haha I know. Was just being sarcastically honest. But with some research and self study you could definitely pull it off

Don’t some routers come with VPN capability that you can just enable?

Sorry if this is a dumb q but what is the benefit of Google TV with Chromecast ?
And what is Google TV? :grin: