Citizen Cain (closed)

Good food.

I have heard good things about the food but haven’t tried it personally. Xiao Lu behind the bar is awsome too :!:

Uhh…are you sure you don’t mean Joyce?

I have. The pizzas are fantastic and a great deal. Very good hummus, also.

I’m at the bar, and a customer just informed me that someone in this forum wants the address. Here it is: 67 Dongfeng St. It’s near the Ren’ai Circle - one street south of Ren’ai and one block west of Dunhua. The phone number is (02) 2708-4557.

Not entirely Canadian owned. One of them I know is a Yank with a little goatee.[/quote]
Firstly I can’t imagine a place being owned by a Canadian and an American with a goatee they probably can’t agree on anything, from my experience there the food was nothing special and the atmosphere is non-existant,it is dark and cold and will bore the shit of you. I would rather watch paint dry than go there again or even mow the lawn with nail clippers. sorry Citizen C but this citizen is not spending his hard earned cash on a hole in the wall.

Aha Sticky! You obviously didn’t try the pizza!


Good pizza, good happy hour prices.

Jam night Thursday night. Two for one pizzas Monday before 9pm.

I am a simple man with simple pleasures and I find most filled adequately by the contents of this humble post.


Guess there is no way you would turn on the A/C too? Else have you not got it yet?
its terrible to have to stand in a bar in your own sweat

full disclosure alert: the owners are all friends of mine though I am not involved at all.

Citizen Cain does in fact have great food, but what I appreciate about it is how hard they are working to make it a place that you actually want to be. (I know they have ac issues, but give em time). They run constant parties and promotions to try and offer something different from time to time from the usual throw a dozen back and head out to a club routine.
There is nearly always at least one of the owners present and if you have an idea or a request they’ll do what they can to make it happen. They put local artists work up on the walls and have open mike nights and improv nights to try and foster at least an inkling of a creative scene.
Wanna have a going away party for a buddy with a particular theme, ask em - they’ll probably go for it. As best I can tell none of them are in it to make a killing, but rather because of that thought that most of us have entertained at one time or another …wouldn’t it be cool to have our own bar with some of our friends.
Anyway, give em a shot. The address is above. Go one street south of the ren ai circle and hang a right (ffrom the southbound lane).

I dropped in last night and was really impressed. It’s a nice, laid-back place for a mid-week (well, Monday is almost mid-week) libation. The two-for-one pizza deal will mean an extra hour at the gym tonight but well worth it.

Best of all, we were really impressed by the staff’s attitude, from management on down. We were sitting right next to one of the sound system speakers and the volume seemed to be creeping up a bit making it a little difficult to chat. We asked if it would be cool to ease the volume down just a little bit and boom, it was done. No hassles. I’ll be going back to check out the live music (and won’t be complaining about the volume then). With all the threads going right now about pub owners that don’t give damn about their customers, it’s nice to find a place that does.

There are now 2 fully functioning ACs at Citizen Cain. I hope you can forgive the frequent sweat-baths created on previous busy nights. Growing pains.

No air conditioning - hot as the hammers of hell. Yes I was there this evening. Prepare to sweat.

Even though I am an a/c junkie, I can put up with a bit of discomfort for Citizen Cain. The band was excellent last night, and the beer was cold. I think the a/c was on, but perhaps it wasn’t man enough for the job ? I didn’t notice the heat until someone mentioned it. Wouldn’t put me off going, anyway.

BTW, the blue label @Pale Ale@ *aaargh where can I get a UK keyboard?!_ isn’t IPA. It’s alright though.

Granville Island’s Pale Ale is just that, a pale ale…not an IPA(India Pale Ale). An IPA’s a different style altogether from a pale ale… almost at opposite ends of the spectrum really. But yeah, even for a pale ale, it’s so so. Coiffable pizza beer. Good to know it’s available at Cains though.

Sorry, off topic, but felt I should clear that up.

The easiest thing to do is simply order the Granville amber ale instead, which is delicious. Still haven’t tried the honey lager. Next time.

I live in the hood and never really liked the place much when it was Cheers. Too dark or something.

Anyway, following recommendations on this site went there for the artichoke and salmon pizza and a few beers. I started with Granville and moved on to Carlsberg. Must be a Canadian thing. Not my cup of tea. :wink:

So’s anyhow, the pizza was not bad. Quite large. The cheese was a bit stringy (not browned/golden enough) but there was a lot of it and it was not cooked all the way through (crust in the middle) but for bar food pretty good.

Total price NT$600 for one pizza and three pints. A good deal. I will definitely go back for a similar dinner after working late and heading home.

Nice place. Good attitude. Friendly atmosphere. Like a college hangout.

Food quality: 3.5 Sandman: Hmmm true I am going to edit this up to a 5.0 After all artichokes AND salmon. What was I thinking?! Especially considering where I just ate for lunch today. Mea Culpa.
Atmosphere: 7.5
Service attentiveness: 5.5
Service friendliness 8.0
Value for the money: 7.5
Overall for Taipei 5.0 I mean I would not drive across town to eat here but in the neighborhood…
If you live in the neighborhood 8.0

I give it mainly lower scores in terms of food because Cosi a Cosi is just up the street and … But they are not really competing at the same level obviously pizzeria vs bar so take that into consideration. Different venues.

Nice one Fred, but I must disagree with the low food rating – it deserves more, I think. The pizzas maybe don’t match Cosi o Cosi, but they’re nevertheless definitely among some of the best Taiwan has to offer, IMO, and without a doubt the best available in a pub setting. The pitas and falafels are also very good. A measly 3.5 could put people off visiting, which I think would be a shame as they’d be missing out on some great cheap bar food.

How would the pizza compare to those served at The Posthome?

I thought the PH’s Supreme was one of the better, if not the best, pizzas I’ve eaten in a long while.

Yeah, I’m with Sandman. I think the food there is pretty good - I’d give it a 7 to 8, depending on what you order.