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Forumosa has been around over three years. During that time there have been nearly one hundred thousand posts. Most have been mediocre, silly, stupid, irrelevant, rants, and whiney. But a tiny fraction have been absolutely outstanding.

The only problem is that the great posts are buried deep in the threads of all these forums and may never see the light of day again. Unless you remember one and bring it to everyone's attention.

That is what this thread is all about - dredging through the mass of threads to rediscover the classic posts from the past couple of years and then putting them into this thread.

What do you remember was a classic post?


Here is one I found earlier today at Pet Peeves in Taiwan

It is the “padded bra” post by Omniloquacious from Mon Oct 28, 2002

One of the things that disappoints me most about Taiwan is the bras. It’s not just the padding, which is bad enough. The worst of it is that the bras are always there, whether padded or not. How often does one see a girl proudly displaying an emancipated pair of braless boobs nestling delightfully beneath her t-shirt, blouse, tank-top, sweater or dress? Almost never, unless she’s with a foreigner. Even in mid-summer, when wearing a bra must be torture, they’re still always there. And often they, or at least their pads, are worn under swimsuits, for goodness sake!

Does anyone agree with me that the bra is one of the ugliest garments ever invented? And isn’t it rather unnecessary for most smaller-breasted Chinese girls, whose boobs are not going to sag to their waists without it? Rather than enhancing the beauty of a Chinese woman’s form (as the ads would have you believe), the ubiquitous bra masks and detracts from its wearer’s allure.

When are Taiwan’s ladies going to learn from their liberated Western sisters and burn their bras? Roll on the day!


OK, so I voted for my own post....and people seemed to like the story of Gram that is somewhere here.... :wink:

Posted: 13 May 2003 18:39

Steven Segal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris star in the new action blockbuster "DYING TO ACT."
Three aging former martial artists and coke snorters decide to go to acting school in the hopes of landing a cameo in a Sylvester Stallone movie. Unbeknownst to them, the acting school is actually a front for a Chinese human smuggling ring! The three plot to release the captives and bring the smugglers to justice.
Segal turns in a stunning performance as the "thinker" of the trio with the same kind of depth he showed in his most famous film, "I am the Sound a Refrigerator Makes."
Van Damme, hot off the huge success of "Kick Me in Slow Motion Again," is endearing in "Dying to Act" as the guy with the funny accent.
Chuck Norris, who shaved his head for this film, shows us once again that one scene with Bruce Lee 30 years ago can make a career.


This one, from Eyton of the much-maligned Taipei Times, is one of my favorites:

"The paper everyone likes to mock needs a copy editor. Time for those of you who deride our efforts to show us how much better you are


Here's an instant classic:

I also liked the one posted about a year ago that compared living in Taiwan to being at home when your mom was gone and your dad was watching the house. Can't remember the thread or poster... but that was classic.


I've edited this a bit and added it to the Forumosa Blog.

If there is a post here that you feel should be considered a Classic, let someone know by having it added to the Classic Posts page.

We'll add a Classic Posts image to the post and list it in our blog :slight_smile:



Outstanding. I have been playing around with the idea of suggesting a forumosan archivist and now you have done it. I guess that means I don't have to bother Maoman with drunken calls at 4 in the morning to discuss my "idea". :laughing:


gustav saved
and the thread where we convinced igorveni not to kill the dude who grabbed his son.


How about the classic post when BroonAle described getting Geraldine fixed by a local mechanic using crap Chinese.. that was genius :laughing:


Hi Gus,

I think there's a mistake in the blog. As you may or may not know, the link to BuLaiEn's post is to a thread with no posts from him. Unless he uses different user names, the post isn't from him.


Edit: Nevermind, I just saw his signature. I hadn't read the post through since I don't need info about marriage in Taiwan. :blush:


Bu Lai En stepped into the name change machine. He was once Sir Donald Bradman.


Oh and the thread between Fred Smith, Broonale etc "Penguinism"


This has always been one of my favorite posts on Forumosa. It was posted in the Living in Taiwan Forum in the Things We Like About Taiwan thread. The poster is still here, but, he has changed his posting name. Here is the post:

That’s a classic post.


I always loved that line in particular too. Here's one from Jubom which might in some paradoxical sort of way relate. Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's a classic.

Jubom wrote:


Here is another Classic:


Classic comical post.


Ever been to 45 or Spin? Racial Attack at Spin

[quote]Know this; 45, and Spin are run by the same mob that nealy killed my buddy, and who have similarly hospitalized many other people - often for no discernable reason at all. Stories like mine are legion from that area.

I guess my point is - if you have heard tell that a place is gang controlled, or favored by gangsters in their leisure time, give it a miss. Don’t assume, like I did, that you know the ropes, and wouldn’t make the mistakes that cocky new commers make. Don’t ever assume that you are “down” with gangsters. Don’t assume that being out with a couple of friends insualtes you from this random gangster bullshit. And never assume that you being foreign somehow shields you from hoods and their violent ways.

The history of guys getting beaten and killed in Taipei clubs, more often than not, is about innocent people being victimized by hopped up hoods, trying to be bad ass. Often the fact that you are a foreigner is all the excuse they need.

Is it really worth it?

Sure, the more mellow, upmarket places like Sean’s seem a bit too pre-packaged and tame, but then again, how often do you hear of white collar types being beaten to an inch of death?

Finally, I’d say to anyone, in particular women, be very wary of the cabs that cue up infront of gangster clubs. The cabbies are more often than not “connected”. Always a better idea to use radio dispatch taxis late at night.[/quote]



Here's one from little b bob.


I recalled this post today when discussing the Nobel. It's a true classic. The throne of Nebacannezzar indeed. ... htar#68862