Clean eyebrows with string

Does anyone know where I can find barber shop where they clean eyebrows with rope ? I’ve been trying to find something like this from long time, but only found places where they shave eyebrows(ew). I just want normal style.

Is rope code for something? Very curious what this is.

There are some woman that do eyebrows, and face, with string, the old fashion way, set up in booths next to this Catholic Church. There are shops around that also do it but I don’t know them.

No. 264, Zhongzheng Road, Shilin


String is more accurate :slight_smile:

Was about to mention where Tango said. They seem to be able to clean your whole face with string.

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Interesting, i had no idea. So can use a string to wash our face? Like a single threaded rough wash cloth? How is washing ones eyebrows different than the other parts of the face?

Womens body care would be fascinating to spend a day observing the different methods they go through.

Sorry, i know you were looking for help on where to do it. But my eyes have been opened to a whole new world…

Not wash, get rid of hair. :smile: You can thread your eyebrows, your moustache etc, or your entire face if you want.

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That’s Christ the King Catholic Church near Shilin MRT Station Exit 1

Funny to see it simply labeled Catholic Church on Google Maps

Formally or informally, it’s usually called eyebrow threading or face threading.


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Huh. Never would of thiught of that in athousand years. Like cheese slicers. Thats pretty cool.

Out of curiosity, does the string have cut risks like. a razor would?

It’s probably more like ‘peel’, it scraps your skin right off.

No, don’t think so. But if you’re curious and want to check if it works to get rid of beards this way: it’s painful and I’m not sure it works so well on coarse hair.

No, but it hurts like a bitch to get all the hairs ripped out of your face.

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I’d like to see them do a ‘Brazilian’ with string.

On a related note, does anyone know of any places where you can get back hair transplanted onto your head? The older you get, the more hair ends up in all the wrong places.


As a hairy white guy, i will just help the ladies save face and say EWWW. But i get where youre coming from…maybe this, not children, is the real reason for government sanctioned legal marriage arrangements?

As per above. Rips off skin…ladies, feel free to chime in on the logistics. But shaving is easy. Use men do it daily. Or pull it out, many man still does this. Perhaps more in the nasal regions, but likely others as well. However all respect gets tossed out the window if skin is being cut off your eye brows. Care to explain?

Most men find eye brow hair more attractive than shaved eyebrows that get repainted. Trimming can be benneficial, but not replacing. I feel i represent the overall male gender on this assumption. Especially after reading some cut skin out with fine strings. In case the ladies were wondering :slight_smile:

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Funny things we learn about each other unexpectedly…


Picture or it didnt happen. i mean, it isnt true. Dammit. I swear i am a brown skinned, hairless six pack god with long blond hair that catches the wind just right in every pose while looking into the vast emptiness of the sea whilst nude on the beach.

Sorry to spoil youre already immaculte opinion of me haha :star_struck:

Sorry, english is not my native language. I thought it was called rope. XD

No worries. Easy mistake to make. You have taught me far more in this thread (topic) than that little word confusion haha.

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Where did you read that skin gets ripped or cut off by threading?