Clubbing culture vs the States

Coming from the states, everyone seems to be more friendly and outgoing and pissed drunk most of the time. But why are staff in clubs always rude af. They seem like they dont want to serve your drink and have such shit service. The bouncers run around like crazy trying to act like they are useful. In the states the bottle girls are outgoing and have good service while the bouncers are chillin just watching out for everyones safety instead of running around like goons. We get lit but certainly not obnoxious. Whats the deal here. Tables are also 5x cheaper here

Disclosure: am ABT/ABC

Which club did you go to?

Really? Never would have guessed. :grin:


Oh you bad cow :rofl:

I want to make a joke about clubbing rowdy ABTs upside the noggin…but I grow weary…


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Chess is friendly I’m guessing cuz it’s rap. Anything near/in ATT is not. Had problems with bouncers in AI and Wave (horrible place)

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Did you do anything in particular to get into trouble?

In my experience, they tend to not like people who are drunk, shout, get to close to members of the opposite gender, are overweight or dress poorly.

Did an ABT hurt you im sorry. We’re just here to have fun. Note that I’m talking about clubs not speakeasies

Were you removed by a bouncer? Call me skeptical.

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2 of my friends got peppersprayed when some 5ft 5 bouncer went apeshit after one accidently spilled his drink on the dance floor. We don’t take disrespect like that. Apeshit bouncer was getting held back by a couple other bouncers. Then outside the venue my friend basically said let’s “go” if u want then got sprayed. This guy powertripped so hard over an accidently spilled drink.

This outrageous abuse of power shouldn’t be allowed to stand. You need to take this to the authorities…or maybe Apple Daily.


Sounds like my dad (good thing he won’t read this). Just kidding, love ya Dad!

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Your dad is 5ft 5? :thinking:

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pretty close lol We Gains are not a tall people

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Haha Taiwanese media and police are such jokes. Legislative yuan too in some cases

I get it…Napoleon complex. :sunglasses:



You guys sound real tough like. Hope i don’t bump into you accidentally when I’m in da club an’ all.


Yes. Unlike the U.S., where these are both perfectly respectable institutions.


Dammit TG I was just gettin’ warmed up. :man_farmer:

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