🏮 CNY | Chinese New Year Travel Plans

There are some older topics like this, but I think it’s worth a new chat because of complications due to COVID. Also, I think it’s very related to Taiwan because I’ve lived here for the past three years and plan to return to work, hopefully without quarantine. And finally, I’m open to suggestions or inspiration on what to do.

So, basically my idea is, how bad of an idea would it be to visit someplace like Japan, Korea, or maybe even like Philippines or Vietnam during a CNY vacation? How long a quarantine is required before going back to work? What’s necessary for immunizations, i.e. vaccines? I’ve had the Medigen before, which is probably even useless for coming back into Taiwan. My “booster” shot of moderna was months ago, which might just disqualify it for a set of vaccines.

I know that information like this is out there someplace, but the NHS website is pretty confusing I think. I think there are exceptions for countries like Japan. Plus the situations could change.

I’d love to travel a bit and I was planning to visit more places before the whole pandemic situation started. But if it’s impossible or impractical or the vaccine schedule won’t work, fine, whatever.

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It’s not.

Perfectly fine

It’s more fun there I’ve been told

Why not?

I haven’t been in Taiwan for more than 24 hours and I’m at the office.


If it’s not nobody, then very few countries are looking.

I think you’re a bit out of date on this. I went through Taoyuan Airport and…it was smooth! The only thing about COVID was the antigen tests they want you to take at home in an honour system.


Exactly what complications due to Covid do you refer to? Everywhere is open except you know who…

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Some countries do still care about vaccinations. For example Singapore. Person in front of me there a few weeks ago was not let in because she didn’t have vaccines (her connection was cancelled so she ended up stuck in transit area). You need a PCR test if you are no vaccinated for Singapore. So I would suggest checking that before going anywhere. Having a vaccination card that shows you have some shots makes life easier…

Coming to Taiwan you get bunch of rapid tests you are supposed to use but nothing else. I have a drawer full…

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One issue is that most of these places have some kind of Lunar New Year celebration, be it big or small. For example Tet in Vietnam is a pretty big deal. Traveling there during that time costs significantly more than any other time of year, plus transportation is more crowded. A lot of businesses also close. Vietnam is probably the worst choice, but for other destinations you might see similar situations.


Flying to Boracay to have a few days off at the beach.


Hellfire pass for me. Namtok.

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