🏮 CNY | Chinese New Year Travel Plans

There are some older topics like this, but I think it’s worth a new chat because of complications due to COVID. Also, I think it’s very related to Taiwan because I’ve lived here for the past three years and plan to return to work, hopefully without quarantine. And finally, I’m open to suggestions or inspiration on what to do.

So, basically my idea is, how bad of an idea would it be to visit someplace like Japan, Korea, or maybe even like Philippines or Vietnam during a CNY vacation? How long a quarantine is required before going back to work? What’s necessary for immunizations, i.e. vaccines? I’ve had the Medigen before, which is probably even useless for coming back into Taiwan. My “booster” shot of moderna was months ago, which might just disqualify it for a set of vaccines.

I know that information like this is out there someplace, but the NHS website is pretty confusing I think. I think there are exceptions for countries like Japan. Plus the situations could change.

I’d love to travel a bit and I was planning to visit more places before the whole pandemic situation started. But if it’s impossible or impractical or the vaccine schedule won’t work, fine, whatever.

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It’s not.

Perfectly fine

It’s more fun there I’ve been told

Why not?

I haven’t been in Taiwan for more than 24 hours and I’m at the office.


If it’s not nobody, then very few countries are looking.

I think you’re a bit out of date on this. I went through Taoyuan Airport and…it was smooth! The only thing about COVID was the antigen tests they want you to take at home in an honour system.


Exactly what complications due to Covid do you refer to? Everywhere is open except you know who…

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Some countries do still care about vaccinations. For example Singapore. Person in front of me there a few weeks ago was not let in because she didn’t have vaccines (her connection was cancelled so she ended up stuck in transit area). You need a PCR test if you are no vaccinated for Singapore. So I would suggest checking that before going anywhere. Having a vaccination card that shows you have some shots makes life easier…

Coming to Taiwan you get bunch of rapid tests you are supposed to use but nothing else. I have a drawer full…

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One issue is that most of these places have some kind of Lunar New Year celebration, be it big or small. For example Tet in Vietnam is a pretty big deal. Traveling there during that time costs significantly more than any other time of year, plus transportation is more crowded. A lot of businesses also close. Vietnam is probably the worst choice, but for other destinations you might see similar situations.


Flying to Boracay to have a few days off at the beach.


Hellfire pass for me. Namtok.

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Hi all, I’m doing some last minute planning and I’m curious if anyone knows of any great places to visit in Taiwan that won’t be crowded during the Chinese New Year holiday? I’ve heard that Taipei will become a bit of a ghost town and as I haven’t really explored it much yet, I may head there. But I’m curious if anyone knows any other cool spots to check out? Places where the hotels aren’t completely booked and I won’t be annoyed by throngs of people.

Also, will the hiking trails, camp sites, and bicycle routes be extra busy during this time?

Much appreciated for any advice for planning my first CNY in Taiwan!


Taipei won’t exactly be a ghost town . People still be here . Most people have family reunion on first few days and then they travel somewhere else so Taipei will be less crowded yes but not exactly empty. You can explore Taipei much better and go to many of it’s hiking trails . You can also travel to other cities but accommodation would be an issue as most places especially tourist places would be booked and hotels usually raise their prices at this time. I would suggest you do one day trips to places nearby Taipei and come back.


Places are not crowded the first day or two even though a lot will be open especially since the weekend this year.

But for the duration of the long holiday, tourist activities, transportation, hotels will be crowded.

Taipei may be a place not as crowded as normal but the weekends and occasional days still be crowded.

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I don’t think there is a single tourist spot in Taiwan that isn’t unbearable crowded during lunar new year. Taipei at least have a similar amount of people in/out.

Check this thread Greater Taipei Cycling Routes: A List


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Depends very much on the weather. If it stays cold and becomes wet, you’ll have the outdoors, like Yangmingshan, pretty much to yourself. If it gets warm and sunny, the people will come out starting with day three of the Lunar New Year, but still, northern Taiwan should be rather quiet.

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Taipei city loses over half its population during this time

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Used to but not much anymore. Back in the day you could literally bowl in the streets in Taipei during LNY. That was when so many would head south to visit family because they had migrated to Taipei for work. That was a generation ago and many of those they used to go visit have gone the they great Wei Ya in the sky.

In recent years it’s been getting difficult to tell the difference between New Year’s and regular time of year. It does quiet down some here and there but not nearly how it used to. I miss it.

Hard to say what won’t be crowded but, as noted, outdoors will depend on the weather. Indoors is catch as catch can but Saturday and Sunday most everything will be uncrowded.

Enjoy it! Funny, when I first came here I though CNY would be a big noisy affair with parades, and fireworks and public celebrations! I quickly found out everybody goes home and shuts the door and does very little. :astonished:


They play mah jong all day every day

Go climb wuliaojian. 五寮尖 Best time of year to do it.

Not anymore. Twenty or thirty years ago, sure, but not now.


Everywhere in Taiwan is damn crowded during Chinese New Year doesn’t matter where you are.

People want to make money and people want to enjoy their vacation so

This year Taipei is hosting the National Lantern Festival for the first time in like 25 years so willy be hellacious crowded.

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Which, if any, of Taiwan’s smaller islands would you recommend to visit during Chinese New Year? Secondary question, where (else) in Taiwan would you recommend going. Thanks!