Codeword: Forumosa

A couple of years ago, we played with the idea of having a secret code we could use to gauge whether or not that guy on the MRT is one of us. I think it had something to do with ice cream and bones.

Why don’t we adopt some secret agent code thingy so we can drop it on that dude sitting next to you at the red light.

Please add your suggestions:

Secret Question:
Does ice cream have bones?

Secret Response:
No, but Maoman does.

My hovercraft is full of eels.

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Secret Question: We reach for the sky.
Secret Answer: Neither does civilization.

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If I heard:

I’d think wtf? Is this guy crazy? I shouldn’t stand so close to him.

How about:
Q: Does the wang rule?
A: Girth matters.

[quote=“914”]If I heard:

I’d think wtf? Is this guy crazy? I shouldn’t stand so close to him.

How about:
Q: Does the wang rule?
A: Girth matters.[/quote]

You see, we can effectively weed you out as a newbie then and suffice it to say, we don’t want to stand so close to you…j/k :wink:

Frankly, I’d rather not say “does the wang rule” to some stranger. And, in my opinion, girth matters not a jot.

What we need is not a codeword (useful only for secret meetings like the HH to check whom we let in) but rather a ‘secret and discrete’ sign. Something along the line of that perhaps:

Then we also need a secret handshake, in case we meet in the dark …

I actually tried this tonight. Sitting at a red light, a dude from another country pulled up beside me. We smiled, said hi, and I popped the question. He was utterly confused. Responded sonmething like, “depends on what you mean.”

Anyhow, I told him about Forumosa and how it was like a secret password that we use to identify ourselves. Okay, to this point, it is only an opening line that I use to start a conversation with another person from another country. But let’s make it our password. If anything else, you’ll meet someone new. My dude’s name is Adam, from Chicago, plays guitar and likes hockey. He even knew I was Canadian by my erm, accent???

So, a new encounter, maybe we’ll meet again, maybe not. But it was just a nice moment heading down AnHo talking to this guy. Hell, he may even join our community now. Forumosa, the Cult.

Besides, we may also inadvertanly meet one another.

You guys in other towns can feel free to play this game too.

It’ll be like a big game of gotcha. You don’t actually have to out yourself if you “get” someone else. But if you get got, you gotta fess up. It’s up to the gettee to report his “got got” here in this thread.

Spot Loretta, win yi bei kwai.

See Loretta to collect. She’s rich.

Just kidding. I’ll pay any confirmed Loretta spottings (is Loretta spotting?). This contest is not open to anyone who has hence spotted Loretta. It must be a fresh spotting.

Now, we stand in need of an answer to the question. I ask you: Does Ice Cream Have Bones?

Depends on what you mean

If you’re at Wendy’s the answer is probably “yes” :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

“God’s holy trousers!”

I doubt I’ve ever understood a single thing the Gumper has said.

Does that mean I can’t come camping?

I think we need a question that sounds normal, so we don’t freak out non F’ers. Something like “G’day, mate!”, which sounds normal, but no one would really walk up to you and say that in Taipei… so then it’s clearly the secret line.

Then any answer will do…

Hmm, not bad. I think a fairly neutral-ish question, with the answer “There are no bones in ice-cream.”

Maybe something like:

A: How do you like Forumosa (Formosa)?
B: There are no bones in ice-cream.

If anyone were in fact a Forumosan, they’d hear the distinction between Forumosa and Formosa. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I get

“There are no bones in ice cream”

put on the back of my forumosa T-shirt?

“I have a boner. Would you like some ice cream?”

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Richard, that’s just REDICULOUS!

How about “I love you, all in my mouth”?

Stop!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Laughing can hurt you know.

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :notworthy: :notworthy:

How about: “What do you think about the Taipei Times?”
Answer: “It should get Floundered.”

Like this?