Codeword: Forumosa

Two of me can fit into those pants!

DB you’re the best

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

How about “My side hurts from laughing at that damn Richard again!”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

OK, I vote for some lines from an old James Bond movie. They were always using that stuff.

How about this one?

Secret Question #1: “How’s Richard?”

Secret Answer #1: “Pretty damn funny.”

Secret Question #2: “How’s Matthew?”

Secret Answer #2: “Big and Fluffy.”

Secret Question #3: “Who wrote Fred Smith’s biography?”

Secret Answer #3: “I.P. Flames.”

Feel free to ask them to me the next time I get on the MRT (which is next to never).

Actually, I like ImaniOU’s earlier one better:

Q: What’s Bjork?
A: The other white meat.

sort of maybe not safe for work :wink:

Yeah, that’s just about right! Now, do you want that on the Forumosa t-shirt?

Or do you like this more?

Elskar day.

Snygg h

I’m sorry. You’ve caught me out. I only know “jog elskar day” and something like “rundbulle” that a Swedish girl taught me on my travels. We travelled together for a long time but she treated me like a brother all the way. She was a Scandanavian beauty. I could see her Viking forebears in her as she moved about. Now shes in India. Ihren, where are you?

Here is a short Swedish lesson:

Hello Hej. Hejsan.
Nice ass Snygg h

what is the advantage in knowing some of you?

Surreal experience this past weekend:

Someone walked up to me and asked: “How’s Matthew?”

I dropped the ball at first and was like: “Who the hell is Matthew?”, but then I picked up on it.

Nice to meet you, Bob; you’re a mean shot on the pool table.

I give out crisp $1000NT bills to all who correctly identify me. :sunglasses:

Make it $2000 and I’ll be able to afford a flight to the next HH. :sunglasses: :unamused:

dont be so cheap maoman

I wish I’d known that last night - I would have held you to it. :smiley:

I, er, saw you walking your dog near Tonghua St. this afternoon around 5pm. If I am correct in identifying you, please drop my $1000 off in a red envelope addressed to ImaniOU. Actually, no offense, but I recognized your dog first. :scooby:

Don’t know why this is at the top of my feed 16 years later, but I suggest: “What is @jimbob132’s salary?”


response: my IKEA date had nice meatballs

to answer your question, the same idea came up on another thread