Codeword: Forumosa

Best idea would be something subtle like scratching your neck with your left hand.

Secret Question: I’d like to discuss the Taiwan situation.
Secret Answer: Let’s talk about American politics.


Do we have Forumossa merchandise?
Caps, T-shirts would be nice but I can’t pull it off.
How about a patch, pin or something else? We don’t even have a logo, do we?
Code Q&A. It needs to be something obscure and esoteric about Taiwan culture yet at the same time very apparent and all around us but no one notices. Yes, oxymoron but Taiwan is full of them.
How about something about packing a whole family on a Taiwan Scooterbus?

A pin is a good idea

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Except if the guy is not from this forum, you’re stuck having to discuss the Taiwan situation with a stranger.


I like it! Or maybe…

Secret Question: I’d like to discuss the Taiwan situation.
Secret Answer: Let’s talk about the Orangeman.


F1: “Marco”

F2: “Polo”

For this kind of stuff, aren’t you supposed to make it so the question comes across as not too weird if the listener has no clue what you’re on about? My suggestion is:

Question: “Aren’t you Bob’s friend?”
Answer: “Only when Jim brings the meatballs.”


@GooseEgg just gave me one, but I don’t know if there are any more or if they are sold.

The original ones had something like the top 100 posters, quantity, listed in order, and they came in gray and black.

I like the pin idea.

Second this. Has to be cool looking though

Maybe only for regulars?

Most here seem irregular. :no_mouth:


we had a forumosa brand soy sauce.


This guy was consistently out of left field hilarious for years. :bowing:

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Question: Your bobas are very nice.

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I need more fiber in my account. I can’t read enough to meet the standards for regular.

Try diversifying the threads you read and spreading more love. :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:


Any code word needs to be doable while at the same time avoiding each other.

How about the code word “hi”.

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It was that thread which revived this thread and now we’re linking back to that thread! :infinity:

That’s the fiber. The forum’s not that big and not everything is interesting enough to read. Most of what I post isn’t that interesting. Not everything I bother reading is that interesting.

How about making an F with the fingers. Index and bird finger out, other fingers back, hand held horizontally.