Coming soon to Taiwan? Rise of xenophobia towards Westerners

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I just went out and visited a couple of establishments, everyone was totally friendly and normal to me as usual :man_shrugging:

I’m sure everything will be back to normal soon, as normal as normal is.


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I went yesterday to Carrefour, they just measured my temp but didn’t spray my hands like all the other punters. Just one more data point for you.

I’m generally pretty relaxed but was curious if anybody else could feel a change in the air or had any personal stories to share? It would be nice if we could all support one another and not resort to sarcasm etc. Just putting a topic I thought had relevance to the foreigner community out there. Let’s be safe and stay supportive

It’s just racism.

‘Reverse’ racism is an obnoxious term, that manages to simultaneously be self-flagellating, condescending, and racist.


How do stories of racism, perceived or otherwise, help? If there is an uptick in anti-foreigner stuff, and I’ve not experienced it yet, then the only result is we all start supporting each other by saying “Oh, that’s awful!”.


All the flag wavers and Hello’s Angelos I live around call me ‘their foreigner’. Maybe if you want to get less looks from locals, leave the Armani purse and Rolex at home?


OP is just talking about regular racism. Reverse racism is when you put yourself down in favor of another “superior” race. So like gaijin/laowai hunters.


Probably because they were scared. Happens to me all the time.


I resent this kind of casual stereotyping about people of my race. :sunglasses:

I don’t accept any of these assumptions either. It sounds like you’re trying to create divides where they don’t really exist.


Taiwan culture can be ignorant and clumsy
Often very much insensitive (westerners will take it as racist, sexist and generally holding prejudice). Mostly true. But taiwanese are also generally lazy, truating and non violent so it only goes skin deep here. The racism in taiwan isnt close to comparable to places like the USA, China, most of africa and europe, and even simialr cultures like korea and japan.

This is just a case of dumb drones watching tv and regurgitating retarded talking points they saw on a screen. It is the exact same reason they love americans and call everyone whitr american. Cause when its going good they love you. When it goes bad they dont. This is how it goes in a culture of sheep. But this nation of sheep are generally quite peaceful and want to be happy together. I dont see it going pear shaped like in countries like china and the states where the hate goes deep and lasts long time periods.


There have been loads of posts on Facebook of establishments putting up 'no foreigners welcome notices '. They all got a good telling off anyway. If folks don’t believe me I can share them here.

I encountered a couple of things a bit off recently , paranoia in the air comes and goes. But nobody has said anything to my face.:sunglasses: My neighbour walked off when I went to get the elevator (can’t recall it happening in six years here in this place). A local dumpling shop owner started getting on my wife’s case that the kids weren’t wearing masks (while she is buying their stuff and her own kid is making dumplings with no mask on some people are stupid fucks) especially because their father is a foreigner and foreigners travel a lot. I didn’t hear about it until later thankfully for that shop owner.


it has not been your turn yet? :thinking: my impression here is white people often complain about xenophobic taiwanese society.

Definitely just a “white people” thing.

I’ve certainly never heard a non-white person complain.

I have …This week…Black guy…He said he was getting paranoid people were looking at him weird over the last week or so. He said it to me first without me mentioning anything.

Let’s shut up with this white bashing nonsense.


Yep agree hundred per cent, I am a long termer I can share dozens of anecdotes that match with this.

Basically many people need to keep their own dumb ignorant thoughts to themselves instead of letting them running out of their mouths in a stream of verbal diahorrhea.

(Nimen dou shi, women dou shi, tai pang, tai hei, tai see, tai lao, tai …Whatever…) . The racist, prejudice, stereotyping , discriminatory thoughts are really no more prevalent than many places it’s just that people , especially older people , have a really bad habit of not thinking before speaking.


the group I have seldom heard complain is the non-other Asians except for mainlanders.