Coming to Taiwan as a spouse of a Taiwanese citizen

I understand that the borders are closed for foreign nationals without an ARC, but does anyone know about the rules concerning the spouse of a Taiwanese citizen? I have emailed the immigration office, but they just keep sending me the standard automated reply, which doesn’t mention my situation.

Thanks in advance.

Coming to visit or coming to live?

To live.

You need to apply for a JFRV marriage visa.


You might want to check this thread: Bojack Comes Back
It’s a good read, and he was able to get a marriage-based visa and come back to Taiwan recently.


Yes, thanks, I’m aware of the JFRV. In fact, my email to the immigration office was something along the lines of “will you let me in with a JFRV?”, which is a question not addressed in their standard automated reply. I will get one, of course, but I’m worried they still won’t let me in…

Thanks, I will read it now.

Your best bet is to call your nearest TECO office and ask. Taiwanese bureaucracy doesn’t respond well to e-mails.


I will. Thanks again.