Company not paying food allowance according to my contract

i am an Indian citizen, currently i am working in Taiwan white collar worker. from last 2 yrs, as per contract they mentioned my salary and 3 times free meal from company side. but i am paying my own. what should i do?

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Inquire at the reception of your company or your manager about the meals options.
One has usually to sign up for those as they are probably preordering them for the exact amount of people.
When you sign up for meals they will also expect you to eat them, so the food do not go to waste (well rather the company money tbh).

i never signed any such documents, and as they know i am muslim i can not eat normal food here, so they never bought for me, and never paid anything.

Usually there is a vegetarian option if you want to avoid pork products.

What I am saying is, you have to sign up for it. They will not chase you to give you free meals.

Sometimes contracts have the salary stated and a meal allowance due to the meal allowance upto a certain amount is tax free. Its usually just money paid to you though that is not included in the withholdings. Not sure if thats what it could be.

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as i said, they invited me from India to Taiwan on a contract, in which it is clearly mentioned, this much will be your salary and according to article 5.2 - 3 times free meal from company side. and after reaching to Taiwan i have not signed any documents regarding this. now they are saying your food allowance are included in your salary. but according to my contract salary + 3 time free meal.
if it is included in my salary then how it is free?

Here they do such shenanigans with salary. Since this company food allowance is tax deductible by the company it does not cost them anything. So they probably gave you a lower salary and top it up to your expected salary with food allowance.

If you have any contract that clearly states you salary, you can argue with them that the food allowance must be on top of it.

Besides they do bullshit like full attendance (no sick days) bonus which lowers your real salary, but you will only realize this is not part of your usual salary when you get sick one day.


in my contract they mentioned 48000 ntd will be my salary and in article no 5.2 mentioned 3 free meals. ok
now i am only getting paid 48000 (some tax deduction).
they mentioned in my salary slip 2400 food allowance.
then it suppose to be 48000+ 2400 right?
but i never got that money, and as i know according to taiwan labour law, 48000 is the minimum salary for white collar worker, so how he include 2400 in my salary, it means they are paying me less than my basic salary. which is illegal i guess

48000 + 3 time food free everyday (holiday, leave or whatever)
but i am getting only 48000 and some tax deduction.

You need to inquire about your reported income with the tax office. There you will see which salary your company is reporting to the government.

Actually it is tax season, so you need to file taxes anyway. On the tax report you will see your ‘real monthly salary’.

This is often communicated as how much money you can expect to get monthly in your bank account. Your real salary will be lower.

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Hmm, yeah im not sure. Maybe they are deducting it as the tax free allowance from the salary. You could check the numbers on your tax document and see.

On a side note the NT$2400 was raised to NT$3000 from January.

(3) Increase the tax exemption amount for food expenses
In order to appropriately reflect price changes, the Ministry of Finance recently revised Article 88 of the Income Tax Assessment Guidelines for Profit-Profit Enterprises, exempting food expenses from being included in the employee salary income quota, and increased it from 2,400 yuan per person per month to 3,000 yuan. It is applicable on the 1st to reduce the burden on employees.


yes i saw some 2400 written in my salary slip, then again if i am calculating it, i never received that money, some other deduction 2400. even my salary slip looks fake. if it is written free then it suppose to be my salary + 2400, they can not include in my salary right?

Check the taxable amount on your tax return, I’m guessing they subtracted the NT$2400 meal allowance from the NT$48000 salary to give you a lower taxable income amount.


in my 1st year i paid 8640 till 180 working days, then after that they are deducting almost 962 tax and 748 as health

Check your pay stub it could be actually added in and you didnt realize it. Your banks direct deposit should have a breakdown of the month…Its not like they give you a separate cash or deposit for it…it goes in with your monthly pay

is there any online, where i can check my tax and all?, or i should go to tax department ?

my salary is 48000 in which they deduct 3000 for my house rent + 962 as a taxable amount + 748 as health insurance. 132 as some company bla bla , remaining i get in my account, they mentioned 2400 as food allowance but when i do calculation there is no such money. and if they clearly mention 48000 salary ( only tax deduction), + 3 times free meal, then how they can include food allowance in my basic salary, it should be extra benefit. right? and according to taiwan labor law 48000 is the basic salary for white collar job, so how they can lower my salary below this? is not it illegal ?

You will need to fumble with a card reader at home to login.

Just visiting a tax office for 15 minutes is easier. Ask them to print out your income data.

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but they still giving 2400, to every employee, is that not illegal ?

Keep records of everything and all salary slips. Try to keep records of all the meals you pay for with receipts when possible. Take weekly pictures of yourself eating a meal that you paid for.

File a complaint with the local Labor Bureau AFTER you leave this job.

Do you work any overtime? Get paid for all of it??

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