Complicated work situation

My friend is in a complicated work situation and wanted some advice

He’s dating an employee in Taiwan who happens to be in his team. He feels that the relationship isn’t working out, but the girl doesn’t want to break up (I think part of the reason is that the girl wants to get married soon). He had a talk with her and she accused him of thinking Taiwan girls are easy, that they can work through issues, and doesn’t want to break up. As a result they are avoiding each other at work. My friend is a foreigner.

What should he do in this case? He likes his job and doesn’t want to switch teams or leave his company. He also wants to see other people and not be stuck in the current relationship.

Go back in time, not date someone from work?

Is she a fellow employee, or his employee?

Ever heard the expression, “don’t shit where you eat”?


His employee. I should also clarify that it’s his company, so he can’t leave

Then its a double “No-No”. dating a subordinate is even a worse idea than a workplace romance. sadly there is no good way out of it.



Might be worth talking to a lawyer?

Is she indispensable to that team or the company?


Should tell her it is not working out and ask her to leave the company, agreeing to a very generous (I-fucked-up) compensation package. :money_with_wings:

The price will be very high… and only if she agrees.

Better get a lawyer involved, avoiding any legal issues.


put yourself in the girl’s shoes - she dated the boss, now the boss wants to breakup and ignores her. She might be fearful for her job, as well as maybe a little heartbroken that things didnt go well.
From the description, i dont think she is a gold digger she would know how to keep the guy if that was the case.

Anyway - no good way out of this. seperation both at work and in personal life will be painful, but i dont see how they can continue working together.


So the cruel thing to do might be to separate at work first, and then breakup once the work separation is finished. And the nice thing to do is to break up the relationship first, and then try to resolve things in a reasonable way at work.


I’d just have a sit down with her first with the bosses hat on, say that it isn’t working out, he is not interested in continuing the relationship but that she is a good worker and he hopes they can just be professional. I’d lay out the situation (no pun intended) clearly and let her choose how things play out.

She may like the job and decide to play it cool. Try to make it clear he wasn’t trying to use her


Just start dating other girls. Theres no contract on dating, so she can’t accuse you or sue you

Considering that no forumosan has friends, “your friend” should tread carefully.


So Jim Bob is dating his employee now :popcorn:

I’m disappointed you aren’t dating the bank clerk tbh


Maybe she’s the reason for wanting to dump the employee? Hopefully things with the latter haven’t progressed beyond lunch at IKEA or part of a dinner at an expensive restaurant (BYOB and wallet) yet.


Your “friend” is in a right pickle, need to

I would take her to IKEA and play some games to see how she reacts to you, I mean your friend showing some good old leadership. Hopefully she understands a no is a no.


What kind of severance package do you think is fair here for someone who’s been on the job for a year? 3 months bonus + 3 months to find a new job?

This is extremely generous.
usually they give 1 month for every year.
personally better to be on the generous side than the stingy side, but not a necessity.
Also depends on the role - severance package of VP in MNC is not the same as junior staff in a 3 people company.

From the labor code, here’s what the law requires for severance:

3 months - 1 year tenure: 10 days
1 - 3 years tenure: 20 days
3+ years: 30 days

so as you can see, 6 months salary is very generous.

I think it needs to be an offer where the girl looks at it and says, I’d rather be single, and they happily take the money. That way, there’s no hard feelings.