Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov-October 7


Fight of the year. Trending to be one of the biggest of all time. Who you got?


Brendan Schaub on Rogan said that he’s not planning to attend the fight, two reasons. One is like PTSD: UFC fights cause him lots of stress, even as a spectator.

Second was more interesting: he expects live-audience violence between the Irish and the Russians. He would not discount the possibility of gun violence breaking out. I don’t think he and Dana White are bff, so for once I am thinking there may be no crappy hype in his opinion.


Brendan Schaub is also an idiot


There is something to that.


I have listened to his podcast for years.

Anyway, it will be mostly Conor fans, bankers, excutives, celebrities and Vegas high-rollers on comps. The tickets are super expensive. There will not be a gun fight


Unfortunately, for me Conor McGregor sucks the interest out of anything he does. I will probably root for the Russian, but I’m not really vested. I am not a big UFC fan.


Im going with Conor in the 3rd or 4th round by ko


Conor even though he’s been a bit annoying these days. Conor has fought through some of the best and tested against the best. Kahbib fought maybe 1 guy ranked top 5?

And I sense some real animosity from Conor for khabib.


Trump sympathizer:


is it going to be a proper fight or a semi-joke like when he fought against the boxe champ?


An interesting aspect of the fight. Conor seems to bring up some shady business of khabib saying he will beat him in the name of the Russian people.


Conner looked fat and disinterested at the presser.

If it gets that far, I doubt he will have the gas to run away, so he may as well move forward and look for the counter left.

I tend to think he gets taken down in round one and gasses shortly thereafter. He took Al down in the first…early. Conner is not AL wrt takedown defense or wrestling:


Conor is a lot smarter and moves a lot better than Iaqinta. If Khabib just rushes at Conor like that, can see Conor countering him so easily.


He’s brought in guys to his camp to help prepare the take down.


I’ll give you that Conner is faster than Al…by far. However, he can only back away as far as the cage will allow. He’s going to get taken down in this fight. Khabib dove for an ankle…who does that? lol


If Khabib shoots recklessly it will be a disaster. Conor is the best counter puncher in the UFC and has so much power in that left(as seen in the Aldo fight). Khabib will have to be a lot more creative with his takedowns if he wants to succeed against Conor.

If and when he takes Conor down is another story. Khabib is a master of top control, not really shooting takedowns. But while the fight is standing, its massively in Mcgregor’s favor.


Has he done that before?

Yet couldn’t knock out Nate, I’d say because Nate, like Khabib keeps his head back when closing the distance. Furthermore, when Khabib senses weakness, also like Nate, he comes in with more than strikes.

Disclosure: I think Conner is an unarguably talented bag a sh8t. :wink:


If Khabib runs at Conor like he did in that video or against Barboza, he will have a very bad night. He could only do that biggest he didn’t respect those two on the counter


You mean after he’d hurt them and closed the distance? I think if that happens to Conner, he will just freak the f8ck out and shoot for a takedown.

BTW, where did the gifs I posted go? :ponder:


How novel!


I like eating kebabs, so I’ll pick that guy sure.