Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov-October 7


Khabib was flying at barboza early.


This really is such an excellent fight. I actually have no idea what will happen. Weighing towards Conor still


Er, he’s a kicker. Can’t kick going backwards.

I see a slow start like the Al fight. First exchange, then a TD attempt. Then repeated takedown attempts. When Conner discovers how strong Khabib is, it’ll be a series of five yard dashes to the finish line for him.

Conner’s ONLY chances to win this fight are to A) keep the ENTIRE fight at distance and score points, or B) hit that clean left to Khabib’s ear, disrupt his equilibrium, and finish him on the ground.


Conor’s going knock him out. Khabib might get a few take downs but he will get out fast. Conor is ready for him. The way he talked, I know he’s ready.

Come read this after the fight because I called it.


I’m thinking possibly it will go the five rounds. Khabib won’t be able to close the distance and every time he gets close, will be sniped by McGregor


It’s going to finished by 3 if not earlier. Conor ain’t playing around with khabib. There’s real animosity. He’s not looking for a decision.

I’ve seen him trash talk for fun. He’s not playing around this time. He has bad intentions going in the octagon.


Originally thought that. But think Conor will be most concerned without conserving energy and countering takedowns. Can see him happy to avoid risk and go distance


Schaub just poo poo’s everything by the ufc now. he took his beef with dana personally. its kinda annoying at this point.

this is a hype fight for sure. i’m trying not to buy in to the conor hype as it seems pretty likely conor will get wooped. even if his movement is top notch khabib only needs to get his hands on you then its done with. of course i would like conor to win though, before i wasn’t bothered who would win, but conor always ropes you in with the pre fight media.


Again, I’m just relaying information from Rogan’s podcast with Schaub earlier this week.

Schaub and Rogan agreed that Khabib can probably only submit McGregor. One thing they remarked on several times was that Khabib is hoping to retire after this bout (according to Schaub), that he lives with his parents still in a small, unassuming flat (along with his wife and kids), and that Khabib has had much success in making US collegiate wrestlers look foolish on the mat. His cardio is through the roof, they said. Much better than Conor’s cardio, they said. Another thing is that Khabib’s natural weight is about 200lbs, and he may be having issues cutting weight (to get to 155!).

Both thought that McGregor’s striking ability would probably outweigh Khabib’s grappling, on the theory that grappling is made infinitely more difficult when you’re KO’d. That said, both really seemed to want to say the Khabib would win … but couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

Ok I’m out. I just hope the yt video of the bout is released in hd.


the only thing schwab is going off was that conor didn’t want to do extra promotion, so there has only been 2 press conferences and the other usual stuff, but its enough.

khabib has officially weighed in now too so thats done with.


He did mention that, I remember. He said Conor is too rich to do promotion for the UFC these days, but mostly he is/was in deadly serious training for Khabib. Did not want promo activities to interfere, and was determined not to underestimate Khabib.


it didn’t hurt it at all, the mayweather conor fight had 4 press conferences in a row. they just end up repeating themselves and it gets old fast. its also nice to have the fight happen quite close to the announcement. this one sells itself too, theres the bus incident, its striker vs wrestler, one guy is undefeated and conor was the last champ and never lost it in a fight at least, he was only stripped.


I’m no mcgrefor fanboy. I almost dislike him a bit sometimes. But he is the superior fighter here. He has unbelievable intuition on what to do, and amazing accuracy with his hand as well as great reflexes. He’s the proven fighter, he’s gone through war with some top ranked talents. Khabib is good, but he’s not touching Conor from what I heard about how much Conor trainer for khabib games. And khabib has not seen anyone that I would consider a match for Conor.

I have love for the AKA team, I’m planning on going there next to train in Thailand. But they are wrong here.


Mendes took McGregor down at will.
Mendes is small for 145. Khabib is a better wrestler than Mendes and is one of the bigger guys in the 155 division.
Plus, he’s never lost a round in 27 career fights, has a good chin (as seen against Michael Johnson and Edson Barbosa), and has decent boxing too.
McGregor hits hard and always has a puncher’s chance, but my money’s definitely on Khabib…


Honestl…, find a better analyst than fubbing Schaub. Jack Slack is the best in the game.


Yeah, against a bunch of nobodies.

Mendez is a NCAA wrestling champ and proven wrestler. Didn’t do shit to Conor in 4 take downs and got winded and taken out right after he escaped the last one.

Sorry, Conor ain’t no scrub on the ground in terms of at least not getting pounded there. Hes certainly more prepared because he know Khabib is going for the take down. And the story is if. If khabib can take him down what can he do? No ones is asking if they both are standing up what Conor will do because we already know.


You’re missing the point guy.
The point is HE DID take him down and held him there for the better part of the first 2 rounds.
Khabib is a lot bigger and his double-leg might be the best in mma.
Also, I’m pretty sure when OLYMPIAN Daniel Cormier says Khabib is one of the best wrestlers in mma, he knows what he’s talking about…

Sure, Conor might win by ko or tko early, but those punches won’t have as much on them if the fight goes long and Khabib is able to maintain top position.


Conor had a torn ACL in that fight. Not sure how much we can take away. Mendes also has far better takedowns than Khabib.


Ok guy. You know clearly know a lot more about fighting than me bro.

Never said Khabib wasn’t one of the best wrestlers either but whatever.


I’m not sure if I know clearly know more about fighting than you :smiley:
Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Conor wins, but if I had to pick, I’d pick Khabib…