Construction noise

Does anyone know the times construction workers are forbidden from making excessive noise in an apartment building in Taipei City, where I can find those regulations in Chinese, and how to report a violation?

Thanks in advance

Before 8 am and after 5pm


You sure about that? I thought the hours were wider than that.

In any case, good luck getting this enforced. :frowning_face:

Pretty sure. I hired folks to do a major construction before which took almost 2 months and asked the Lizhang myself about legal liability. The only thing is that you must inform your neighbors in a certain radius (whole building in the same building, and same floor of the next building if ithey will be able to hear it) prior to the construction start date with the details of how long it will take and the workers hours. I don’t have the official legal information though, someone else might chip in and link it here.

Also, OP, this is a losing battle, unfortunately. I have been on both sides of the coin, making the construction noise and also extremely disturbed by some noise from a neighbor every single night from 1 to 3:30 am, so much I had to eventually move out. They don’t enforce anything in this regard here. I called so many times the police already knew my phone number. Out of 10 calls I made they’d come once at most. Noise pollution is not a priority or even important here.

As said above, wish you good luck.

I had to move out. Though it was not construction noise but it was unbearable midnight noise and nothing was done despite my many efforts.

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If you are in Taipei,

Your apartment might have their own regulation.



Wait until they start playing music as they work. I moved from my last place when it became 7 days a week. Depending on what they were doing, before 8 am to after 11 pm (laying concrete).

It’s not just the jackhammer that can drive you crazy on a Sunday morning. Droning cement mixers engines for hours at night, or my most favorite, leaving the hazard lights (and beeping) on for hours as shit gets unloaded truck after truck. There’s no escape from the noise.

It takes between 1.5 to 2.5 years to raise a building. Can you take it that long?

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Well they’re just refurbishing an apartment.

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“Just refurbishing an apartment” in TW can be something out of a horror flick. For months and months.


Construction happening outside my building too. Like clockwork as soon as it’s 8 (really starts 7:55 though). You’d think they’d wait until this work from home pandemic period was over, as the only perk of WFH was I could sleep in more. Well, so much for that.

OK, I’m starting to feel like I’m making a fuss over nothing after all of these stories.

8am start, 5pm finish is a pretty common standard, with 12 noon to 1pm as a break. But it can vary building to building if you live in a bigger complex or high-rise. In my building it’s 9 to 12, and then 1:30 to 5pm, no weekends. And they enforce it. In smaller older walk-up apartment blocks, it can end up being a free-for-all.

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Does calling 1999 work better than calling the po-po?

What’s going on exactly?

  1. Obtain old phone
  2. Install covid tracker
  3. Flag as tested positive
  4. Hide phone on construction site
  5. ???
  6. Profit!
  7. Enjoy some peace and quiet in the local jail.

No, seriously, living in Taiwan means living with noise. As stated above it’s not a priority and many don’t know that it’s actually detrimental to your health. Try your luck with the Lizhan, the responsible person for your area.

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I would suggest a white noise machine (or white noise app on your phone). It helps a bit, but less effective against the really heavy shit like jackhammers.

I enforced that myself. I went down to the neighbor in the middle of the night and told them to stop or I’ll make a stink. They shut down immediately, never heard it again. They were operating some kind of machine.

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And if it’s an older and larger community there will be several going on during the year.

For those who want to take matters into your own hands…just be careful. I knew a guy who went upstairs to complain to the neighbors about their noise. Later one guy came downstairs and stabbed him to death.

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Pill press? :laughing:

That’s why I keep compressed alcohol on my person on my person at all times. It disinfects bacteria, viruses AND manchild criminals.