Contract; English version


New to this website. I’m curious if any of you know how legally binding contracts written in English, and signed by a Taiwanese boss (in English), are. I work at a university in Taichung and I’ve signed a contract—and have one of the original three versions, which I signed in front of witnesses—but I suspect my boss wants to reneg on the whole thing (due to an argument we recently had). I’m very concerned because the university has not yet applied for my work permit. Under Taiwan law, can my boss weasel out of our agreement? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Papa J

I never heard of a university not using standard written contract, I mean, a printed contract. This sounds very strange to me. Are you certain that the university is technically your employer?

Hi Ironlady,

Thanks for the prompt reply! Yes, the university is my employer (though I suspect KMT gangsters run the place in whatever guise), and yes, the contract is/was printed (how ‘standard’ it is I haven’t a clue). I suppose my concern is how much legal weight this contract would hold in arbitration should my employer reneg on his signing it. To your knowledge, is a co-signed agreement in Taiwan, in whatever form or language, legally binding to both parties involved?

Papa J