Coronavirus Mental Health/Support Thread

I think we need a thread where people can just vent and look for emotional support if needed. Life is changing as we know it, and we are all affected to different degrees. It’s sometimes not the easiest thing to open up to loved ones, or seek mental health services, so here’s a place you can semi-anonymously vent your feelings and find support from other members of this online community. It’d also be great if people could share positive life-tips, support numbers and resources for those who need it, positive developments in the news, meditative techniques, etc.

For this thread, I ask… no memes/jokes, no politics, no daily infection rates/ death toll numbers, or any other terrible news updates, and no putting down other posters seeking help even in a joking manner.


I know we like to post all day long in the coronavirus thread, but it’s actually terrible for us to be thinking about it this much. It’s healthier to set aside an hour or so toward the end of each day to take a look at the news and read just enough about it to keep yourself updated on the situation. We should spend the rest of the day not focusing too much on it.

Honestly, while I was really freaked out a few weeks back, I feel mostly okay now. It’s been long enough that the novelty’s worn off and I have accepted and adapted to the chaos. :idunno:


Chris Martenson gave an interview to the author of How To Have Impossible Conversations. I think both the interview and the book might warrant a read in the current circumstance

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My sleep schedule has completely messed up being inside all day. I can’t fall asleep till 6am and I get up at 2pm. Bored out of my mind right now.


14-day thing-a-ma-jig?

Try doing body weight exercises or mastering the handstand or playing more games or reading more books.


I read masturbating lol.


I couldn’t go to my homeland this year probably it’s a bit rough. But I once went three years without going so I can deal with it.
I’m trying to use a bit of the time I have now , not travelling , to see if I can learn something new or rethink a few things . Maybe I could bring my kids to school more.
But so far I am mostly wasting time posting here.

My office has even less people than usual and that’s a challenge in terms of boredom , I dread being locked down for two weeks.

If my parents get sick being stuck here could be a big problem but I’ll worry about it when I need to.


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Masturbating while doing a handstand…that will definitely keep you occupied for a couple weeks. :grin:

Just imagine how developed your shoulder muscles will be after that. :grin:

You could probably transition straight to competitive gymnastics…

And it took less than a dozen post for Forumoseans to totally ignore the OP and take the thread out of the track!
This has to be a record!
It’s it now that we start talking about Trump or we should wait a few more posts first?

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@DrewC’s first lesson in a new thread during a crisis:
never outlaw jokes, otherwise, there’d be no forumosa

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My own personal opinion is when I say “don’t joke”, lighthearted jokes meant to lift spirits are okay. But no dark humor about covid, no jokes that target either posters here or public figures, no memes, etc. Basically no jokes that could negatively trigger people. So the above seems fine.

That said, that’s just my opinion. And this is a thread meant for everyone seeking support. If others find joking a distraction from that, then we probably should try to cut down on it.

It’d help if this thread could get modded by @tempogain or someone who is pretty good at enforcing rules and controlling the direction of threads. I don’t see any mods listed for this thread.

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IDK if it’s from the lack of sun or what, but I feel like shit right now. Zero motivation to do anything and just feel down. Maybe I should get some vitamin D.


So you’re not allowed to go outside of your place at all? not even open the front door? Do you have a balcony? How about opening the windows to let in some fresh air?

I walk to the grocery every morning, but it’s about 5min away. Unfortunately , it’s also allergy season and my eyes and nose gets wrecked if I keep the window open. We can’t go out even for walks anymore because people abused it.

For future reference:

You’re interested in becoming an investment banker right? I know it’s not exactly the same thing, but maybe you can test your knowledge against the current market with daytrading or paper trading.