Coronavirus Mental Health/Support Thread

And yet most of my classmates do not. And it’s school dependent, my gf is doing law and it’s almost impossible to get over a 70 regularly. They just don’t like to reward that grade and it’s mostly written exams.

For example the average of one of my exams was 51. Somehow I managed to get 80. So it really depends. I also think many Chinesse students drive down the grade. And TBH, the native English speakers from the UK have some of English written skills I’ve ever seen,

The average so far is 64, so I’m doing far beyond it at 78 average this term. I think it’s pretty hard to pass at 50, but 70+ isn’t easy at my program.

I’m hearing this a lot from other people in the UK. As I just said in t’other thread, this is a terrible social experment that should never be repeated. Add in the fear factor, which the BBC (of all organisations) should be ashamed of pushing. My parents don’t even watch the news anymore, because of the constant scaremongering. Crisis point, breaking point, NHS failure, x number of deaths, constant videos of ventilated unfortunates.


Oh yeah the pandemic isnt caused by a deadly virus.

Got ya.

It’s the media, BBC , government, it’s the pharma companies, it’s the vaccines , it’s the…It’s the…It’s you.

You want everybody else to be responsible for the misfortune because YOU, with your qualifications and experience , would have done better.

You would have the magic answers of doing nothing when wave after wave of people sick and dying fill the hospitals .

Give me a break and get real for once.

I detest people who constantly make up the facts !!!

That meant lockdown saved around 3.1 million lives, including 470,000 in the UK, 690,000 in France and 630,000 in Italy, the report in the journal Nature shows .

I want to pick up on Nuit’s point, even though I am largely with Brian on this debate.

The stress people are feeling is real. News reports are important but we also need to find ways to stay calm(er), to act responsibly (not just for ourselves but also for others around us), and to get through this crisis.

The vaccines now being administered are a game-changer but not the end point as the global situation will take years to settle down. Of course I hope it’s faster than that (the one-shot J&J vaccine promises to be enormously helpful if it can be distributed and administered widely). But we should do whatever we can to stay grounded for the long haul—and watching a barrage of disturbing images on TV may not always help.


Everybody knows about the stress.
Everybody is affected by it.

We don’t make up bullshit stories to support our spurious assertions though.
BBC news this, pharma companies that…

I don’t need to listen to bullshit about lockdown not working. The facts.are proven they do work,they are just hard to endure.

They aren’t a social experiment , they are a major preventative health measure saving up to 470k lives in the UK!! Just like vaccines they are proven to work.

Stp crying like a baby about that. Maybe some people want to see their elderly parents go to hospital and get reality to slap them Hard in the face.

(You might want to edit your don’t disagree lol as I edited )

I don’t disagree.


My mum is fond of telling me that any kind of scaremongering was deliberately censored by the authorities for many years following WW2. There’s a difference between telling people what they can do to mitigate danger, and scaring the shit out of them for no good reason. They developed procedures for telling the difference during the war and just carried on doing it. I’m not a fan of censorship, but neither am I a fan of the “the sky is falling” style of journalism. It just creates a fearful, weak populace who are incapable of making rational choices.

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We’re all well aware of “reality”. Reality is that old people die, and 99.9% of the time they die of something other than Coronavirus. People are interested in living, not merely staying alive.

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Absolutely sick of the TV and radio droning on about Corona virus this and that, one case here, lockdown there. Well, I stopped paying attention about 11 months ago.
It was a bit sad when I was visiting my gran in a nursing home, listening to her neighbours TV doing just that
But the worst part is the disingenuous propoganda both from government and almost all marketing… “All in this together”, “new normal”, “stronger apart” “during these difficult times” all that bollocks… Give me a break


My personal favourite is “difficult times”. We’re not having “difficult times”; we’re being royally shafted with a jolly big stick. Yes, technically that’s a bit “difficult”, but it doesn’t entirely capture the nature of the problem.

They actually allowed you to visit your gran, did they? I thought old people were still in solitary.

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Most encounters are still waving through a glass, darkly.

There’s some sorrowful stories out there of old people who are now dying (not of Covid), and have been totally separated from family by a barrier for the last 15 months of their life. Getting progressively weaker, and less lucid, and more saddened and confused.

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Yeah, I feel we’re more divided than ever, if anything.


It was in Adelaide which I think has had virtually no problem with the virus for some time, other than a false scare. Although I wouldn’t have been able to cross the border had I tried to go 2 weeks later
Actually the people who are getting truly shafted, at least here, are those who live outside the big cities. The entire state got locked down for five days after the virus escaped a hotel in Melbourne the other week. My friend lives in a regional city, and his wife, who’s a very social person, had been absolutely distraught last year with the lockdown in combination with work woes. Apparently that area’s had a grand total of 4 cases. That city straddles the state border, and a couple of smaller towns are on the other side. They were telling me how they’d planned to get blinds installed last year from a business in one of those towns, but then travel restrictions came in place and that business was gutted due to inability to service the much larger city on the other side of the border.

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But but Australia has been so successful in containing the virus!

I can’t imagine how a country with Australia’s unforgiving climate/geography even continues to function with ‘lockdowns’ buggering things up. Surely the place depends upon on certain services working reliably?

Yeah, I’ve heard a few stories about oldies dying (not, of course, from COVID-19, but just in the normal course of events) and being prevented from having their family around in their final days/hours because of travel restrictions etc. It’s sickening.

Then those old people better get a jab, which is happening now.
When enough get the jab, thngs get back to relative normality.
Everything else is just noise and venting. Thank God for scientists who can get us out of this mess instead of the social media mob.

BBC News - Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine: FDA approves single-shot jab


Oh really. I thought you said it was natural for old people to pop their clogs. Now you are more worried about their relatives ?

Yea it’s been very successful.

Yeah, but they censored almost everything back then.

Well winter in the UK is always grim, it is hardly Venice beach. Spring is on its way and more and more vaccines being given. Keep your chin up.and have a nice cup.of tea😀

Perhaps the most famous example was censoring any depiction or mention that FDR was disabled from polio.