Coronavirus Mental Health/Support Thread

Some sights from my walk yesterday . It’s important to get out of the house.

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Now I understand what’s going on. Confused the hell out of me when I woke up.


Hhaha maybe. Actually, one of the first things I did for moving here was getting some exercise equipment and dry food in case of a lockdown.

These are stunning! Where did you see them?

Yangmei hills, Taoyuan county. Oriental beauty tea farming area. Yesterday was incredible because with the summer heat and the rain there was just stuff flying and crawling everywhere. Also some birds I’ve never seen before.


Also very pleasant because almost no traffic and little visited area and walks are not closed off.


Amazing! I’ll go exploring there once things calm down then. :mountain_biking_man:

You guys should have more sex with your wives to cope.

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Hahaha are you crazy :grin:

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How’s that crazy? Sex is a good stress release mechanism. Just make sure your children don’t walk in on you.

As someone who has gone through something close to a year in quarantine, lockdown, or self isolation since this all started. Stay strong. I won’t lie, it’s going to suck. I just hope it doesn’t drag on like it did for me with momentary teases of freedom and back into lockdown again.

My best advise is take some walks like some of yall are doing. Find a hobby, netflix and Amazon prime only keeps up so much. I think I’ve managed to watch almost everything on them by now. It’s a good time to do some kind of skills training online as well for job or personal interests.


Also, know you’re going to add weight.

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I have noticed this already.



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Hubby and I are planning a trip home so we can see family and get a damn vaccine. I was planning for Christmas but after talking to my parents in their mid-80’s, my husband could feel my sadness. We need a break from this place. Gotta wrap up some things here and then go chill with family.



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Is this a cry for help, @marasan


No, a bit tipsy and laughing my ass off.

Edit: My cry for help will, if it ever comes, will be in Elmer Fudd speak.

I have been expewiencing difficuwties in wife and I need some hewp. Dis is my cwy fow hewp.


Have you noticed there is no bacon aka rashers, recently?

I have found myself acting like a grumpy old man with people at stores. I never did that before. Like sarcastically asking the girl who was checking qr code scanning, taking temps, etc. if I could now leave (she was blocking the entrance/exit). With a straight face she answered I could if I paid. I had to then squeeze by. I hope I don’t start admonishing these folks to move over in the future.

I also blocked a woman who was walking past everyone on an escalator. Everyone except her was to the right and standing still. I turned, faced her with my hands up, and told her that we are trying to keep a distance. She just nodded while she stopped and we made our way to the top.

And I find myself paranoid in stores and wanting to leave as soon as I can. Even at the near empty mall yesterday.


That’s probably a good impulse. It will help you to stay healthy.

But if you can, be nice to people, especially front-line staff. They will appreciate it, and they certainly put up with enough sh&t without us adding to it!

Take care marasan! You’re one of the good ones.



My stepmom was telling me how rampant mental illness has become in the old country. I would say more visible. She says we as a people do not take to authorities kindly and refuse to follow the law. Hence, the predicament they are now.

Here in Taiwan I was expecting more family quarrels, more conflicts among neighbors. Yesterday there was a spat over an air conditioning machine water spilling over at a neighbor’s. Not as serious nor loud as expected, nor entertaining.

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