Coronavirus Open Thread 2021

I see what you did there.


Oh, Delta, Delta, Delta, what have you gone and done?

According to the latest UK technical briefing, not much.

The current CFR of Delta is 0.2%.

Alpha’s CFR is 1.9% and Beta’s CFR is 1.4%.


This stat just shows that vaccinations work. Unfortunately though, among the unvaccinated, the CFR for Delta variant would be much higher. India had millions of deaths due to Delta variant (the official numbers are bogus, see the latest NYT article)

Something I realized today is everytime I go to the store the moment I get inside they ask me if I’ve scanned the QR code. Mind you this is after I already showed the door person to even get in. I’ve only seen them ask a Taiwanese person one time. Meahwile, I’ve seen multiple people actually walk in without doing it and we’re never bothered by employees.

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The irony.


WTF is this about? Is immunization like teleporters in sci-fi movies, where you just need to hold someone’s hand for the magic to work? If it means “kids under 12 are not allowed in unaccompanied”, why not say so?

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I’ve never been asked in a convenience store or supermarket. A department store did have me hold my phone up but they were doing that to every person in line. Taipei 101 made me re-scan so that the guy in the door could see me push the button to send the text message (that I had sent outside the door).

In the local 7-11 that I mentioned above that I believe I have now stopped visiting, I think that up to half the people who walk in don’t scan the code from what I’ve seen so this system probably isn’t as airtight as people believe.


Yes I was very fatigued after the shots should’ve stayed home instead of walking around zombie like at work

But this is months after
I don’t know if I got the common flu or actually got COVID
Will get a test in a few days when I’m well snd up and about. The delta variant is dominate here in the USA currently and they say there is more drizzle from the nose more headaches and less fever snd less loss of smell and taste……check check snd check

I’m hoping I don’t have it though of course

There are cases of breakthrough infections. Do get tested Tommy! We hope everything will be OK.


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By the way I have o fever with body temp varying from 95.5 to 98.8 all within normal range

So if I do indeed have COVID that would mean fever checking is useless

Which means a great tool everyone is using is a false defense

I thought this piece from Slate was interesting about what the future holds. A few of the points:

  • Plenty of vaccinated people are still going to get breakthrough cases - but their chances of getting seriously sick are much lower, and that means the vaccines are working. We’re all just going to have to get used to slightly adjusting the risk calculus we all do every day.
  • There are probably far more breakthrough infections out there than we’re ever going to know. That’s just how it’s going to be.
  • Perhaps most interesting to me: what I’d consider “mild” is not the same as what the medical community would consider “mild”. Feeling incredibly ill for a few days, far worse than any cold you’ve had, but never actually feeling you need to go to the hospital? That’s mild. So the “mild” COVID cases that lots of the vaccinated are probably going to get in the future, while they’re very unlikely to kill you, may be a lot more miserable than I at least expected.

Now since I don’t know if I have covid what I’m saying may just be all bunk

But about a week or more ago I started having these giant sneezes from the bottom of my lungs a few times a day . They are so loud people can hear me clear across a big room. Quite unusual.

And currently I’m having these giant sneezes a few times an hour ,lucky not much coughing because coughing hurts If it’s COVID it means it gets to your lungs quite deeply hence the constant nose drizzle as your body fights it

Same here. About once or twice a year since high school, I’d get a tickling in back of throat, then watery nose, then full-on clogged nose for a week (yellow phlegm, etc.).
Would naturally clear itself up.
All these hand sanitizer after touching anything in public is definitely working, in my opinion, along with a bit of mask-wearing. But, I think 90% of the reason for not getting it is mostly clean hands.


My, very mild, concern is what happens when I next contract a virus of some sort with almost two years of no acquired immunity. This will be a new development.


Me too.

We’ve long known this.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) estimated that when someone gets infected with the Covid, over 50% of the time the person who gave them the virus did not have any symptoms when the transmission occurred.

That means, no fever, nothing.

One study: only 43% of patients ill enough to be admitted to hospital have abnormal temperature.

Whenever there’s public panic and hysteria, people profit from the fear. For some, temp. gun :gun: sales have been a once in a lifetime opportunity to make big bucks :money_mouth_face:

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No point worrying about what it is. Get tested, see a doctor if you’re worried.

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Agree with you on this. If anything, basic hygiene seems to have improved all round. Gotta be good.

I would also not underestimate good ventilation. There’s been no transmission of Covid in well-ventilated areas, humane spacing between people. It’s just common sense.

When we were kids our school went on a ski trip. The flu was ripping through all the dorm rooms, knowcking kids out one after the other. They were dropping like flies. Our 8-man room didn’t want to miss out on skiiing for the first time ever so we decided to sleep with the windows open all night. It was freezing but we were the only room that avoided the flu out of two whole schools.

So that was our little experiment that forever convinced me about ventilation :rofl: Since then, I’ll never stay in a room for any length of time that doesn’t have decent ventilation.

Science, baby!


Don’t worry. There’ll be a vaccine for that :rofl:

Jokes aside, scientists are now expressing this exact same thing - weakened immune systems due to Covid measures and restrictions. I was just reading about this the other day.

  • Researchers Fulvio D’Acquisto and Alice Hamilton, who published a review in the journal Cardiovascular ResearchTrusted Source , note that while physical distancing “minimizes the spread of COVID-19, such social isolation has the potential to affect the cardiovascular and immune systems.” For adults, it is the stress of isolation and the pandemic, rather than the lack of interaction with microbes, that is a concern for the immune system.

  • A survey that researchers conducted in Canada and published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity analyzed the changes in movement and play behaviors in children immediately following the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The results showed that only 4.8% of children and 0.6% of youths were meeting the combined movement behavior guidelines during this time.

    Both children and youths had lower physical activity levels, spent less outside time, had higher leisure screen time, and got more sleep overall during the survey period.

  • Research shows that our anti-viral response is suppressed when we feel lonely. An analysis of 148 different studies involving more than 300,000 people found that people who were more socially connected were 50 percent less likely to die over a given period. One experiment even found that people with many social ties are less susceptible to the common cold.

There’s plenty of studies on this eventuality, also discussed here and here.

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Here’s some idea of when the next lockdown might be.

Huang Limin, an infectious disease expert and dean of National Taiwan University Children’s Hospital believes that once the number of confirmed cases exceeds 100 for 2 to 3 consecutive days, The command center may announce the upgrade again.